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17 Apr 2018

I need a place to take a client out for a drink tomorrow, is there anywhere that looks classy but wont cost too much? I don't know where to take them as I'm not from London, any place in South London will do, thanks!

2 answers

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26 Nov 2018


Hawksmoor in Spitalfields could world. It looks beautiful, does great food, and reasonably priced too!



26 Nov 2018


When it comes to bars and especially ones that don’t cost too much but which looks great, there’s plenty to choose from in South London and South East London.

  • Ace Hotel: On Shoreditch high street, this is a trendy place to go for a drink with a client and will not cost you too much either. The bar exudes a mix of modern and functional, and is especially popular with freelancers. The interiors at this bar are beautiful and there is also a terrace to sit on during the warmer months.
  • Belushi’s: Located near London Bridge, this is a sports bar with a delicious burger menu. But it also has a sophisticated burger menu that would be perfect for work meetings with clients.
  • Bermondsey Arts Club: Located in Bermondsey , this bar is very edge and although it used to be a public lavatory, it has now been transformed into a great place for a sophisticated cocktail or even for a date.
  • Southsider: This Battersea bar is small and seats approximately 90 people but makes up for the limited space with inventive cocktails. The experienced bartenders here have led to this bar being known as one of the area’s top independent cocktail bars.
  • The Shrub & Shutter: A Brixton bar that is also an award winning venue, they offer beautiful cocktails in a vibrant environment along with live entertainment.