At, we manage, operate, and provide global accommodation for some of the world's most prominent tech, insurance and banking industries in over 200 worldwide locations, including London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Dublin, Singapore, Hong Kong and more.

Accommodation in London is expensive. We want to offer academic the chance to apply for grant and to help facilitate positive change in the world. grant is a new initiative we have set up with the intention of giving back to the academic community, and particularly to scientists working selflessly towards the advancement of medicine and technology.

Such costs can be a deterrent when it comes to research, but it shouldn't have to be. We truly believe that it is a sad indictment of education that people can be priced out of it.

This grant has been set up to offer short-term accommodation in one of our serviced apartments in London for research scientists in need of accommodation in the city. The grant is worth approximately £5.000, which roughly translates to a one month stay in one of our London properties. is keen to support the great work that you are doing. Working together, we can achieve great things.

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