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Amman offers visitors a unique blend of old and new, with its bustling commercial centre, with its ultra-modern buildings concealing a wealth of ancient heritage sites just outside of the city centre. Jordan’s capital is fast becoming a major tourist hotspot, filled with hotels, restaurants, art galleries and boutiques as well as tiny artisans' workshops and traditional coffee houses.  The municipal law, which states that all buildings must be faced with local stone, means that even the affluent residential areas are testament to the city’s cultural identity and long history.

Where to stay in Amman

As the nation’s capital, Amman welcomes millions of visitors every year - from backpackers to those with business in the city. The quality of accommodation varies hugely, so it’s always a good idea to book through a trusted advisor. Serviced apartments can be the ideal solution for those planning an extended stay in Amman, as these offer an enhanced level of privacy compared to hotels, as well giving you peace of mind that comes with secure access. These properties also offer full kitchen facilities - which is ideal for those who like to take care of their own dining arrangements.

What to do in Amman

Amman is an incredible city, with a diverse and distinct culture that permeates every street corner. Visitors can often feel overwhelmed by the variety and the contrast between modern and ancient ways of life. It is the ultimate place to explore Jordan’s cultural heritage, cuisine and unique atmosphere.

Many people who visit Amman will no doubt be travelling to the country to experience its wealth of ancient sites. Day trip excursions can be arranged to the enigmatic city of Petra,  or to the citadel. Alternatively, there are Roman ruins within the city itself, as well as several dedicated museums and learning centres

Amman also offers plenty of natural wonders, with a surprisingly diverse array of landscapes. Visitors willing to make multi-day excursions from the city centre can experience Mount Nebo, Madaba and the Dead Sea, as well as treks into the stunning desert landscapes that is so littered with ancient landmarks.

Tips for staying in Amman

Places to eat

Amman has numerous places to eat, which vary hugely in quality. Whilst some visitors may choose to brave the street food, it is advisable to stick to reputable restaurants. Sufra Restaurant is a popular destination, offering a mix of traditional dishes as well as modern versions of old classics. There’s also Kan Zaman and Fakhreldin Restaurant which expand on local cuisine to offer regional variations from Lebanon and Perisa.


Like many countries in the region, there are many markets and street vendors operating in Amman - especially in the more touristic areas. However, those seeking a more mainstream shopping experience will find modern facilities at City Mall, TAJ Mall and Mecca Mall - all of which offer a huge selection of global brands, ranging from high street fashion to the latest electronic gadgets.


The biggest attraction on offer is definitely the ancient city of Petra - a UNESCO world heritage site that has appeared in numerous movies and adventure stories. Those who have time to make a longer excursion can also enjoy camping under the stars at the Wadi Rum Bedouin camp, before touring Petra and even travelling to the dead sea on the same trip. Back in the city proper, the Jordan Museum showcases the history and development of the ancient sites that surround the city.


Amman has a few options for safe and affordable travel. Those looking to explore the city and the major heritage sites will find there are plenty of buses operating throughout the day. The roads in Jordan are well maintained and as such, bus travel is the most convenient and cost effective means of getting around. Visitors also have the option of private taxis, which are very affordable in Jordan.

Local Business

Almost all of Jordan’s economic strength is localised to Amman. The health sector is a  major contributors, with firms such as Al Khalidi Medical Center and the King Hussein Cancer Center, as is tourism, with numerous local operators. Of course there are several financial services firms headquartered locally, including Jordan Kuwait Bank, Islamic International Arab Bank and Cairo Amman Bank. Jordan’s growing economy is also attracting plenty of startups to the area.

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