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Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. People from all over come here on official tours or for leisure and tourism purposes. The Netherlands is popularly known as Holland. It has the biggest museums, leading orchestras, two universities, and a flourishing art scene. Its old architecture and canals, museums and liberal, cosmopolitan culture have made it a popular tourist spot.


Top serviced apartments Amsterdam


These serviced apartments offer a comfortable and homely environment to people staying for an extended period in the city. Fully furnished apartments with all modern amenities including a fully operational kitchen, home entertainment facilities and other amenities make it a more convenient option to tourists and servicemen for both long and short term stays in the Dutch capital.


Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are fast gaining popularity among travellers around the world for the many benefits they offer over hotels or other rented apartments for short or long-term stays. 

 People think of it as their temporary home and have that ' home away from home feeling. It provides more space than a hotel room costing the same price. They give them room to work, cook, and sleep and relax without letting them feel cramped for space. 

These apartments are strategically located and cater to the varied needs of travellers. It also helps them to commute easily. 

There is more privacy in service apartments where they can do things as they wish. A fully equipped kitchen helps to save on the cost of food and it also gives them the option to have food according to their liking. There is added space to hold meetings or get-togethers with guests. Other facilities like free Wi-Fi, gyms, swimming pools, concierge, 24x7 security and CCTV surveillance add to the comforts of the travellers. 


Corporate Housing in Amsterdam

Corporate Housing is the best option for business travellers and corporate employees. They meet all the varied requirements of each trip or employee, from extending stays in a place or relocating to a new place. The Amsterdam service apartments provide for everything needed to give homely comforts to the corporate traveller after a tiring day at the office. The cosy and comfortable beds, well-equipped kitchen, flat-screen television, Wi-Fi connectivity and spacious living areas help them unwind and refresh themselves. 


Short Term Rentals Amsterdam

Short term rentals are ideal for tourists and corporate personnel on a short visit or training programme of a few days to a few weeks. The serviced apartments come with separate living and sleeping areas, a work desk and free Wi-Fi that helps to work from home and stay in touch with everyone back home. The strategically located apartments close to tourist spots, main office areas and transport networks make it easier for the guests to move around. 


Holiday Apartments in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has multiple holiday apartments for travellers coming for leisure trips with families or alone. They are located near major tourist spots and transport facilities for easy and comfortable movement around the city. They offer all the modern amenities required by the present-day travellers like spacious living areas with the latest entertainment devices, a well-equipped kitchen and comfortable beds to unwind after a days sightseeing tour.


Where to stay in Amsterdam

There are several popular neighborhoods that are ideal for travelers. They are: 

  • Amsterdam Centrum
  • Canal Belt
  • De Pijp
  • Jordaan
  • Vondelpark
  • Amstelveen
  • The Hague
  • Eindhoven
  • Grachtengordel
  • Museumkwartier
  • Oud Zuid
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Frequently asked questions

Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Amsterdam

More about Amsterdam

Facts about Amsterdam 


Amsterdam is a port city in western Netherlands. It is the principal commercial and financial centre of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the nominal capital of the Netherlands, whose seat of government is at The Hague. 

Amsterdam is famous for its historical attractions, canals, collection of art and permissive and accepting atmosphere. 


Here are some fun facts about Amsterdam: 


  1. Amsterdam was founded around 1250 BC as a small village. 
  2. Amsterdam was a world power and a centre of the emerging international economy in the 17th century. 
  3. The Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, is 4 metres below sea level. If the dike breaks, the whole city will disappear. 
  4. The city is built on long wooden poles driven into the grounds, as the soil is very swampy. 
  5. If measured by square kilometres, Amsterdam has the highest number of museums among all the cities of the world. 
  6. The Dutch painters made an estimated 5 million paintings in the Golden Age ( between 1580 - 1670).
  7. The city has the world's highest number of 175 nationalities.
  8. Amsterdam has more bikes( 1 million) than inhabitants ( 750,000). Only 30% of the Amsterdam men own a car. 
  9. Amsterdam has 165 canals and 1281 bridges. Thus it is also known as the ' Venice of the North'
  10. The city has 2,500 houseboats. These boats have a fixed location in a canal that is used as houses.
  11. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world. The average height of Dutchmen are over 6 feet and women are 5 foot seven inches. 
  12. Amsterdam has one of the most famous Red Light Districts in the world with window prostitution.
  13. There are over 200 coffee shops where one can buy up to 5 grams of cannabis( marijuana or hash) and it is no longer a criminal offence.
  14. It is the first capital to permit gay marriage since 2001.


Cost of Living in Amsterdam 


The currency in the Netherlands is the euro. It costs around 930 EUR to live for a month in Amsterdam before rent. The average monthly rent prices for a furnished one-bedroom property vary from 1100 to 1600 EURO s. You can expect to pay 120 - 200 EUR per month on electricity and 0.08 EUR per kWh on gas. A monthly pass for all modes of transportation is around 420 EUR.


Tips for Visiting Amsterdam 


Here are some tips for you if you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time. 


  • Amsterdam is an all-year-round destination but, spring and late summer are the best times to visit. 
  • High summer is warmer, but July- August is the time most tourists flock to the city. 
  • In December, the Santa Claus feast and Christmas create a  cosy atmosphere here. 
  • When travelling to Amsterdam, information on visas is important. Most European and North American countries do not need a visa. Others should check the latest visa rules with the Dutch government. 
  • Foreign currencies are usually not accepted. Amsterdam is still a cash society. However, they have started accepting Maestro, Cirrus or Plus system debit cards. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted in some hotels and restaurants. 
  • Exchanging foreign currency is done at GWK offices. 'Verkoop' means sell and 'koop' means to buy. Hotels charge money, but at high commissions. Traveller's cheques are also not widely accepted. 
  • Though travel is inexpensive, renting a bicycle may be a cheaper option. 
  • Amsterdam is in Central European Time, meaning one hour later than London, 4 hours earlier than Delhi and 9 hours earlier than Canberra. 
  • Smoking is banned in all public buildings, hotels, restaurants and cafes. 
  • They use the GSM 800 / 1800 system in mobile phones. If your phone is compatible with this, it will probably switch over to the Dutch network automatically on arrival in Amsterdam. If not, you can buy a sim-lock-free cellphone in the Netherlands from 50 euros upwards. 
  • The Netherlands use the 220- 240 Volt system that is common everywhere but, electricity plugs often differ and, it's better to carry a plug adapter and a transformer if your country does not use the same system. 
  • Here are some important phone numbers for ready reference: 
    • All public transportation information - 0900- 9292
    • Emergency ( Ambulance, Police, Fire Fighters)- 112
    • Police ( general)- 0900- 8844
    • NS ( Trains) Lost and Found - 0900- 3212100

Amsterdam's phone prefix is 020, but the numbers above are national phone numbers. 


Things to Do in Amsterdam 


Here are a few pointers on what you can do while you are in Amsterdam: 


  1. What are the popular things to do in Amsterdam? 


Popular things to do are

  • Explore the Old City Centre
  • Take a Canal Cruise
  • Visit museums and other cultural venues
  • Visit cafes, restaurants
  • Experience the Nightlife
  • Shop in Bohemian shops, flea markets, secondhand and antique shops


  1. What are some free things to do in Amsterdam? 


You can visit the floating flower market, enjoy live music performances, take a ride on the ferry, visit the Begijnhof courtyard, see Civic Guards Gallery, visit the Rijksmuseum garden and many more places for free in Amsterdam. 


  1. Does Amsterdam have many romantic attractions? 


You can explore Amsterdam by bike, tour the canals on a pedal boat, take a day trip to Bollenstreek, play air hockey, tour the Van Gogh museum and many more. 


  1. What are family-friendly things to do in Amsterdam? 


Family-friendly things to do in Amsterdam include: visiting the Vondelpark playground, the city zoo, Artis, science museum Nemo, Westerpark, Tulip gardens, taking a canal boat ride, a blue boat pirate cruise, a historic tram ride. 


  1. What are unusual things to do in Amsterdam? 


Unusual things to do in Amsterdam includes 

  • exploring the EYE Filmmuseum, 
  • visiting the Red Light District, 
  • taking an audio tour through Tuschinski theatre, 
  • going on an escape room adventure in Rijksmuseum, 
  • experiencing The Netherlands in 5D with This is Holland, 
  • going plastic fishing during the ride through the canals.


Places to Visit in Amsterdam 


Here are some top places you must visit


  • Rijksmuseum - the museum of the Netherlands, having exhibits from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. 
  • Anne Frank House - It is a museum in the memory of Anne Frank, the Jewish diarist.
  • Van Gogh Museum - houses more than 200 works and manuscripts of Van Gogh
  • The Jordan - an island of tranquillity amid Amsterdam's bizarre centre
  • A'dam Lookout - the repurposed former Shell Research headquarters. 
  • Body World's - taking you on a journey of the Happiness Project, telling the story of our own body and the impact of happiness on our health. 
  • Moci Museum - a contemporary modern art museum 
  • Artis Royal Zoo - a 175-year-old urban zoo. 
  • Centraal Station - a neo-Renaissance rail station situated resting on 8687 wooden piles. 
  • Museum One'sLieve Heer Op Solder - to experience the Golden Age in a special way with a top floor converted into a Catholic Church. 


Places to Eat in Amsterdam 


The best places to eat in Amsterdam are Bak, Breda Amsterdam, Ciel Bleu Restaurant, Door 74, Flying Dutchmen cocktails, Mr Porte, Restaurant De Kas. 


Street Food in Amsterdam


The best street food in Amsterdam are Stroopwafels, Frites,Cod,Satay,Dutch Cheese, Ontbijtkoek, Dutch ginnand beet, Herring, Poffertjes and Oliebollen. There are many joints in Amsterdam where you can try these. 


Shopping in Amsterdam


The best places to go shopping in Amsterdam are CP113, District 1071, X Bank, Hutspot, Cottoncake, ID Store Haarlem, Pluk, Six&Sons. The two main shopping streets in Amsterdam's city centre are the Kalverstraat and the Leidsestraat. 


Transportation in Amsterdam


Transportation in Amsterdam is mostly through public transports. The use of a car is discouraged in the city. Public transport consists of metro, tram, bus and ferry routes operated mainly by the city-owned public transport operator, GVB. People mostly use bicycles or bikes to commute.


Weather in Amsterdam

Summers are comfortable and partly cloudy though winters are long, extremely cold, cloudy and windy in Amsterdam. The temperature varies between 340 F to 710F. Rain falls throughout the year with most rains in December.