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Top Aparthotels in Bangkok, Thailand

From lavish shopping malls and lively nightlife to diverse cuisines, tourists love Bangkok. But to make your trip even more wholesome, you got to trust our aparthotels in Bangkok. Each aspect of these apartments contributes to the home feel. They are hence the perfect catalysts that make even the most hectic days pleasant. The apartments are also sizeable in comparison to the hotels. It helps big groups and large families enjoy quality time together under the same roof. With the 3-4 bedroom apartments accommodating around 7-8 residents, they also prove cost-efficient. This is because you do not have to choose separate apartments unlike in the case of hotels. 

Our 10 Best Apartment Hotels in Bangkok for Tourists

With the rise in the number of tourists the Thailand capital sees every year, the aparthotels in Bangkok are always in high demand. After all, they are the most convenient option both for short and long trips. Also, they offer a huge variety of choices to visitors. Each one has distinctive traits to make you happy. If you love the thriving vibe and wish to see gorgeous city views from your apartment room, you will get that. In contrast, those preferring to stay aloof from the hustle and bustle can also enjoy privacy. We have also kept some of the apartments, for elderly and handicapped people. And it is this versatility that has helped us become an award-winning global company.

Explore Our Top 10 Customer-Favorite Aparthotels in Bangkok include:

  1. Khlong Toei Apartments
  2. Sukhumvit Soi Apartments
  3. Phibun Songkhram Road Apartments
  4. Ratchadaphisek Road Apartments
  5. Ngam Duphli Alley Apartments
  6. Soi Sukhumvit 36 Apartments
  7. Sukhumvit Road Suites
  8. Somerset Ekamai Bangkok
  9. Ascott Embassy Sathorn Bangkok
  10. Soi Phetchaburi Apartments

Why Choose Aparthotels in Bangkok?

The apartment hotels in Bangkok give you many reasons to choose them over other lodgings. But the most important one is their flexible policies for the customers. You can easily rent these aparthotels without worrying about contract bounds. The residents can check out as per their schedule. Some of them do come with a minimum day limit. But those are also made keeping the traveler’s convenience in mind. Also, if you talk to our representatives, we may be able to offer options that favor both parties. Our apartments are also situated in major locations around train or bus stations. This makes daily travel fast and hassle-free. 

Tips for Choosing Perfect Apartment Hotels in Bangkok

Underwhelming accommodations can be a complete disappointment. They can also ruin the fun of the entire vacation. Thankfully, all the apartment hotels in Bangkok are of a high standard. Hence are suitable for everyone. 

  • If you are looking for the type that is most compatible, constructive advanced planning can be helpful.
  • For example, make a list of the places in Bangkok you are visiting.
  • Then use those as references to sort apartments in the ideal locations.
  • After that, plan the budget and accordingly find the type that fits in.

The services and amenities you get at the apartments are also key factors to consider before heading to your dream destination.  

Facilities in Our Aparthotels in Bangkok

TheSqua.re has apartments in 650+ cities in the world. And each one undergoes a strict 150-point checklist before they are made available to you. We also use the NPS for quality assurance. So, if you have booked with us, prepare for the best experience at our apartment hotels in Bangkok. With each reservation, we assign a personalized account manager. They will help you end to end and make your job easy. Besides the 24*7 help desk is always available to come to your rescue at any given point.

All our aparthotels in Bangkok are designed as per the potential needs of travelers. And that includes the humane aspect as well. So, there will be a meet and greet followed by a personal walk to your doorstep upon your arrival. As far as the other services go, we provide airport pickups, welcome grocery packs, and pre-arrival guest calls. You can also enjoy extras like private chefs and private yoga classes at a reasonable fee. Then there’s the option to have a rooftop deck, sauna, or private garden in your apartment as per your preference. When it comes to car parking, lift access, and Wi-Fi, these facilities are complimentary.

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