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Barcelona 3 Bedroom Apartment for rent

Beautiful clean beaches and great weather attract tourists to Barcelona every year. When it comes to accommodation, it is the 3 bedroom apartments in Barcelona that are in most demand. This is because a huge chunk of the tourists here includes people travelling in groups. Families of 4-5 or more are equally common. For family groups like yours, spacious apartments with a high standard of living seem more favourable. Moreover, our rates are also reasonable given the pool of amenities our abodes come with.

Our Best 3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Barcelona

You will never run out of choices for 3 bedroom apartments in Barcelona. TheSqua.re have a diverse array of options for you to consider. Each apartment has its unique features. For some, the major selling point is extravagant views while for some it is the extra cushy feels, and so on. But one thing that they share in common is the homely atmosphere. They are all furnished and have essential furniture and appliances for daily living. So, irrespective of the apartment type you choose, you won’t have to compromise with your way of life.

Out of our several popular 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Barcelona, the following are the most well-liked.

Facilities in 3 Bedroom Apartments in Barcelona

Whether it's a family vacation or a professional tour, accommodations form a major aspect of the city experience. And we at TheSqua.re want our guests to have a memorable journey. Therefore all our 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Barcelona are designed to give you premium-level comfort. They also please your privacy needs. So you and your loved ones can have the entire space all to yourselves.

The quality of the rooms is exceptional with 3 super cozy beds and 2 luxurious bathrooms. The kitchen is well-equipped. We also keep a grocery pack of wholesome ingredients to welcome you. The apartments have a flat-screen TV. Thus you can enjoy popular shows wherever you like. We have also taken proper care while designing the rooms. Be it the chairs or the couches or the decorative items, everything is well-positioned. They also match the whole vibe of the space.

Our premises are also safe with 24*7 security services. Smoke detectors and fire alarms are strategically placed to avert potential hazards. We also have large parking spaces which are free of cost. There are also functional gyms and lift services available. Our complimentary features include free Wi-Fi. And before you think otherwise, we like to inform you that the coverage is great at all corners of the apartment. So, no matter in which bedroom you are, you can enjoy unrestricted internet connectivity.

As for our staff, they are thoroughly professional and go out of their way to help you at every step. Besides, you can always ask to customise the services. Some facilities come as a part of the entire package. But you may have to pay an additional fee for the rest. Either way, we will try our best to meet your every little or big requirement.

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