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What’s on in Bendigo

Bendigo is a picturesque and friendly city in Victoria, nestled between several national parks.  Smaller than nearby Melbourne, it has a more laid back atmosphere - even by Australian standards - and is known as something of a haven for artists and those seeking to enjoy cultural pursuits. With stunning colonial-era architecture interspersed with beautiful parks and gardens, Bendigo offers visitors the chance to experience  another side of the country - its cafes, bars and restaurants exhibiting and understated cool that seems to hover somewhere between the traditional and the modern. A popular location, it is sure to leave a lasting impression and is an ideal excursion for those looking for a more relaxing city experience.

Where to stay in Bendigo

There’s no shortage of hotels, guest houses and hostels in Bendigo, but those who are planning an extended stay in the city may find they are better off booking into a serviced apartment. These properties offer many of the benefits of a traditional hotel, such as room cleaning, reception and even concierge services, whilst also  offering a self-contained, private space with the added benefit of a fully equipped kitchen for those looking to self-cater their trip. Whether you are looking for luxury corporate housing, or a single occupancy studio, the Squa.re present a range of apartments in Bendigo, each having been selected for its standard of interior, the desirability of its location and its range of modern conveniences.

What to do in Bendigo

Bendigo is ideal for those who want to enjoy relaxing in a city environment, as it lacks the often chaotic hustle and bustle of larger Australian cities. Its tree lined streets, beautiful architecture  and selection of stunning gardens and parks mean Bendigo is the perfect place to simply stroll around and soak up its unique atmosphere.

Those seeking something a little more adventurous also have the option to explore some of the region’s incredibly diverse countryside, with its huge array of wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else. Bendigo is perfectly situated in between several national parks, including its namesake, which offer the chance to explore impressive natural landscapes at just a short distance from the city centre.

The city itself is also a great place to enjoy an evening out. There are numerous restaurants and eateries - ranging from elegant fine dining to raucous barbeque grills. The thriving creative arts scene also means there are plenty of live music venues, as well as fringe theatres and comedy clubs. However you choose to spend your evenings, you will find Bendigo’s broad range of social hotspots has something for everyone.

Tips for staying in Bendigo

Places to eat

Bendigo is known across the region for its excellent restaurants and eateries. Masons of Bendigo and the Woodhouse Restaurant offer contemporary australian dining in an elegant setting, whilst places such as  The Dispensary, Grill'd Bendigo and Four Ponies serve local food in a more relaxed atmosphere. There are also plenty of international flavours on offer, such as El Gordio Bendigo, Rocks on Rosalind, or Sargun Indian Tandoori.


Bendigo is a self-sufficient city and there are several great places for shopping - most of which are concentrated around Willis Street and View Street. Hargreaves Mall is the one stop shop in the city centre, however most of the retailers are to be found along the streets rather than in one unit. There’s plenty of quirky independent  shops in the central area, such as Bendigo Bookmark, Bolton’s Bendigo and the Reject Shop. Alternatively, those seeking a bargain can head to Bendigo Marketplace on Mitchell Street.


There’s plenty to see and do in the city, especially when it comes to educational or cultural experiences. Central Deborah Gold Mine is a great way of learning about Bendigo's development as a gold rush town, whilst Bendigo Tramways is a fun way to learn all about the development of transport in the city. For something a little more off-the-wall, Bendigo Pottery offers visitors the chance to try their hand at the traditional spinning wheel craft. Those looking to enjoy the sunshine can also take a stroll around the stunning Bendigo Botanic Gardens.


Bendigo has an extensive public transport system comprised of trams, trains and buses. There are some 16 bus routes across town, making this the ideal way to get around for shorter journeys, with the train station being well connected for longer trips, particularly towards Melbourne. Visitors also have the option to take a taxi, though these are more expensive than public transport. Finally, renting a car is always an option, especially for those looking to explore the suburbs and surrounding countryside.

Local Business

Bendigo’s growing economy is largely made up of  tourism, commerce, and manufacturing, as well as financial services. Keech Castings, Thales Australia and Intervet are some of the key manufacturers operating locally, whilst Bendigo Bank is also headquartered locally and a major employer in the city. There are also several tour operators and tourist attractions which make a major contribution to the local economy.

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