Friedrichshain Attractions, Berlin

East Side Gallery:

The East Side Gallery artfully combines a piece of Germany’s troubled past with inspiring art as a way to memorialize the people and events that were key to Berlin’s history and progress. From the famous Fraternal Kiss by Dmitri Vrubel to the image of Trabant breaking through the wall by Brigit Kinder, the wall is home to plenty of famous pieces of artwork. The East Side Gallery is the perfect place for anybody to visit to get to know Germany’s history, and it is certainly one of the top attractions in Berlin.

Volkspark Friedrichshain:

Friedrichshain Park is one of the most diverse parks in Berlin, offering a huge range of activities to its visitors. Alongside the normal park features of greenery, monuments and lakes – Volkspark Friedrichshain also offers rock climbing, beach volleyball, and even a cinema. By day, the park is filled with joggers, rollerbladers and groups of friends enjoying a picnic in the sun. By night, the park fills up with people enjoying a late barbecue before heading over to the park’s open-air cinema for a classic film. With so much on offer, it’s no surprise that Volkspark Friedrichshain is one of the most popular attractions near Friedrichshain.

Computer Games Museum:

Any child or child-at-heart will find themselves at home in the Computer Games Museum, where nostalgic exhibitions of original games consoles and legendary games are on show. With a virtual guide, visitors can make their way though 60 years of video games history, with old hardware on show. If you’re an ex-gamer, the event is sure to reignite your passion for video games.

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