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Datscha translates as ‘country-home’ in Russian, and the atmosphere reflects that comfortable, cozy feel. Serving up traditional soups, Kiev and beef stroganoff, the restaurant is a popular spot to get some comfort food in the centre of Friedrichshain. The restaurant is also a very popular brunch destination – possibly due to the fact that it runs until 4pm, making it the ideal choice after a late night!


It would be difficult to get through a stay in any place without succumbing to a craving for a big, juicy burger – and Burgeramt one of the best restaurants in Friedrichshain to satisfy those cravings. The restaurant serves up an excellent variety of burgers, from traditional flavours to spicy Oriental variations. Burgeramt is the ultimate hipster destination, so prepare yourself for cool surroundings and a unique atmosphere.

Il Ritrovo Cucina Casalinga Popolare:

You’ll be forgiven for getting a little tongue tied over this restaurant’s name, but don’t let that put you off – Il Ritrovo Cucina Casalinga Popolare is known as one of the best restaurants in Berlin for pizza. Although the restaurant serves up a good range of Italian pastas too, it is certainly best known for its legendary oven-baked pizza. Run by Italians to this day, it is the best place to guarantee some hearty Italian food during your stay in Berlin.


Excellent Mexican food is somewhat of a rarity in Berlin, but worry not – Agüevo! has it covered. The Mexican dishes here are authentic and the menu offers great variety, making it the perfect place to visit with friends. It is one of the best restaurants near Friedrichshain for a casual, lively night – just how lively will depend on how many of the restaurant’s signature margaritas you decide to sample!

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