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Kreuzberg is a rapidly up-and-coming neighbourhood, known for its creativity and new ideas. Filled with characterful old buildings, street art and late-night spots, it is a young person’s paradise and a beacon of counter-culture in Berlin. Neighbouring Friedrichshain – Berlin’s other hip neighbourhood – Kreuzberg is a popular destination for students and young professionals seeking culture in the big city. The neighbourhood is also one of Berlin’s best nightlife venues, so visitors will never be left wondering what to do in Kreuzberg after dark.

By day, the neighbourhood is the perfect brunch spot, and there are plenty of places to visit in Kreuzberg for your art fix. The walls of public buildings have become a canvas for eclectic and creative street art, with hidden messages everywhere you look. After sunset, sidewalks turn into vibrant outdoor seating areas, where late-night meals turn into drinks, and drinks turn into dancing the night away. From cocktails to live music and much more, the diverse nightlife in Kreuzberg offers something for everybody.

Kreuzberg markets and boutiques are as diverse and energetic as the rest of the neighbourhood, so if nightlife isn’t your thing, you can spend your days browsing for vintage goods, food produce and textiles. Surrounding the market are independent art galleries, which are a pleasure to browse on an idle afternoon. For history enthusiasts, Kreuzberg also offers plenty of pre-war architecture and historical monuments to explore. The neighbourhood is also known for its excellent transport connections, so you’re never far from the rest of Berlin. For more information on the neighbourhood’s best restaurants, attractions and shopping options – continue reading our Berlin Area Guide.

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