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Café V:

Kreuzberg is a neighbourhood that likes to break from tradition – in its food, as well as everything else. The forward-thinking neighbourhood is home to Café V, one of the best restaurants in Berlin for vegetarian food. With a huge and frequently updated menu of tasty vegetarian dishes, this restaurant attracts a young, hip crowd – and even meat-eaters would choose to eat here! The restaurant is also known for its excellent monthly wine list, crafted carefully to enhance the exciting flavours of the vegetarian menu.


An interesting fact about Kreuzberg is that the neighbourhood has the most Turkish residents outside of Turkey. This huge influence has resulted in a number of exceptional Turkish restaurants popping up in the area – most notably, Hasir. This is one of the best restaurants in Kreuzberg for Turkish food, and its exceptional popularity has prompted the business to expand into a six-restaurant empire. Visit Hasir for an authentic Turkish menu, in the comfort of a welcoming, family-run atmosphere.


Kreuzberg is no stranger to hipster coffee shops, but Nest stands out from the crowd. Hidden away in one of the more neglected corners of Kreuzberg, the café attracts a young crowd from far and wide for its excellent coffee and all-day menu. From indulgent pasta dishes to vibrant summer salads, the menu offers something to suit every sort of craving – making it a popular spot for a late brunch after a night on the town.


Grünfisch has developed an excellent reputation in Kreuzberg over the years. One of the best restaurants near Kreuzberg for authentic Sicilian fare, the restaurant prides itself on its exceptional menu and perfect wine pairings. From meat dishes to seafood and vegetarian options, there is something for everybody at Grünfisch – and a wine to match.

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