Restaurants and Cafes in Mitte

Restaurant Sphere:

With a global reputation for excellence, Restaurant Sphere is certainly one of the best restaurants in Berlin. Located in the TV Tower – the tallest building in Germany – the restaurant is located in the structure’s upper sphere, and rotates slowly to offer guests unparalleled views of the beautiful city. Looking down upon the hustle and bustle of Berlin, guests can enjoy divine dishes and excellent service at this sophisticated destination.

Clärchen’s Ballhaus:

The Ballhaus has long since been an icon of Berlin Mitte, and it has retained its popularity just as it has retained its character over the years. Surviving a major bombing during World War II, the restored restaurant has maintained its tradition of offering tango and ballroom dancing lessons alongside its traditional German menu.

Barcomi’s Deli:

One of the best restaurants in Berlin Mitte is Barcomi’s Deli – an authentic German deli stocked with fresh local ingredients, used in a variety of soups, salads and other deli classics. The restaurant also offers plenty of more modern and adventurous dishes, meaning you’ll never be bored of the menu, no matter how many times you decide to visit.

Shiso Burger:

This Korean-inspired burger joint is a local favourite, and is certainly one of the best restaurants near Berlin Mitte. These burgers are the epitome of fusion food, and the creative options are sure to delight. The perfect place to visit with a group of friends or work colleagues – Shiso Burger provides a hip environment and plenty of indulgent and creative dishes to match.

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