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Located in the midlands, Birmingham is one of the oldest and populous cities outside London. From the Victorian-style buildings to the beta-world city status, Birmingham should be on the bucket-list of any traveller. Its diverse population makes it a centre of culture and commerce in the UK. For those that want to stay here though, they should stay in serviced apartments; living spaces that have all the homely amenities need for a relaxing stay in the city.

The best serviced accommodation near the Birmingham city centre includes:

These are the ideal serviced apartments in Birmingham that are suitable for both short and long term stays, equipped with fully furnished kitchens, comfortable lounges to entertain and the choice of one and two-bedrooms. The separate halls, bathrooms, and bedrooms allow having privacy and convenience for the tourists.

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More about Birmingham

Where to Stay in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second-largest city in the UK and interestingly, The New York Times once placed Birmingham in their top 20 places to visit, which means no matter which place or area the visitors plan to stay, they will never be disappointed with the choice. The city offers a contrasting experience for the tourists with its red-brick Victorian buildings and swanky restaurants and spacious shopping malls.

The top places to stay in Birmingham include:

  • Digbeth.
  • Erdington.
  • Edgbaston.
  • Harborne.
  • Holloway Head.
  • Jewellery Quarter.
  • Kings Heath and Moseley.

Since the city is located in the centre of the UK, it has an excellent transport link that makes it easy to visit other cities and towns.

Facts About Birmingham

Birmingham has lots to offer visitors due to its cosmopolitan nature. The old-world charm and the new entities make this city a fusion centre for people from every walk of life. The charm of Birmingham leaves the visitors hungry to know more about this world city.

Here are several facts about Birmingham for visitors to know before packing the bags:

  • Heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Led Zeppelin formed in Birmingham.
  • Birmingham Airport is the third biggest in the UK.
  • Birmingham’s Bullring has been the centre of shopping since the 12th century. It is now one of the largest shopping centres in Europe.
  • The world’s largest collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings is stored in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
  • Birmingham and its locals were sources of inspiration for The Lord of the Rings’ Hobbiton.
  • Birmingham has more canals than Venice.
  • Augustus Pugin, the architect who designed St Chad’s Cathedral,  also designed Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London.
  • Birmingham Airport is the third biggest in the UK.
  • Edward Burne-Jones, the British master of stained glass, designed the stain glasses of the Birmingham Cathedral.
  • Birmingham has around five universities and is a home for 73,000 students. 

A few more trivial facts include:

  • Area (city) - 103.4 sq mi (267.8 km2).
  • Area (Urban) - 231.2 sq mi (598.9 km2).
  • Population (city) - 1,141,374.
  • Population (urban) - 2,440,986.
  • Population (metro) - 4,332,629.
  • Demonym - Brummie.

Things to Do in Birmingham

Like any major city in Europe, Birmingham has much to offer travellers in terms of its attractions and experiences. Whether it’s the museums or the likes of the Sea Life Centre, there is enough for all ages to be entertained and happy while exploring the many delights of the city.

What are the most popular things to see in Birmingham?

These are the top 10 attractions in Birmingham:

  • Cadbury World, Bournville.
  • Coventry Transport Museum.
  • St. Philip's Cathedral.
  • National Sea Life Centre.
  • Thinktank.
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
  • Victoria Square & Birmingham City Center
  • Jewellery Quarter
  • Barber Institute of Fine Arts
  • Birmingham Back to Backs

What are some free things to do in Birmingham?

Here are 10 free things to do in Birmingham:

  • Visit the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and go back through time.
  • Take a stroll at the MAC Birmingham and check out the exhibitions.
  • Head to the Lapworth Museum of Geology and see all the fossils from dinosaurs to sabre-tooth tigers.
  • Go for a casual pilgrimage to the cathedrals, including St Edburgha’s, St Laurence’s, St Martin, St Giles’s, St Philip’s Cathedral and St Chad’s Cathedral.
  • Explore the Jewellery Quarter, which is the largest manufacturer of Gold in Europe.
  • Get some fresh air at the parks and lakes of Birmingham (Cannon Hill Park, King Heath Park, Eastside City Park, Woodgate Valley County Park, Lickey Hills Country Park, Sandwell Valley Country Park and more.
  • Become a news presenter for an hour or a day at the BBC Birmingham at the Mailbox.
  • Visit the Library of Birmingham, where there are photography exhibitions, performances, craft workshops, poetry readings and more.
  • Soak in the sun at the ‘Man Made Beach’ and enjoy boating, fishing, and windsurfing.
  • Revisit the ruins of Weoley Castle that is around 700 years old.

Where should you spend your nights in Birmingham?

This is where the guests need to spend their night in Birmingham:

  • Watch the sunset at the local parks.
  • Get a good laugh at the Glee Club, which has been voted as the best comedy club in the UK.
  • Play golf indoors at the Ghetto Golf. 
  • Play bowling at Lane 7 with friends and family.
  • Party animals can hang out at The Mill, which is a 2,475 sq ft roof garden.
  • Visit the Steelhouse Lane Lockup, said to be haunted by the spirit pf serial killer Fred West.
  • Spend some time at Serve, a place known for its ping pong games, food, and nightclub as well.
  • Visit Barber Lates, which is thronged by artists who conduct workshops, including talks and debates.
  • Go to the Birmingham Botanical Garden with its open-air cinema take place.

Places to Visit in Birmingham

Birmingham is a city that is rich in culture, filled with ancient architectures, historical sites, restaurants, bars and parks that make every stay worthwhile.

  • Cadbury World, Bournville - this is the place where all the delicious Cadbury chocolates are manufactured, and where visitors get to know the history of the chocolate factory and also get free samples.
  • Coventry Transport Museum - this massive museum displays cars and motor-vehicles since the time of their inception. 
  • St. Philip's Cathedral - built in 1715, this is a must-visit spot in Birmingham. 
  • National Sea Life Centre - this is the most visited tourist spot in Birmingham, home many species of marine life.
  • Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum - this is an award-winning science museum that houses some scientific and innovative collections.
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - inaugurated in the year 1885, this architectural beauty has the finest collection of art that dates back to the 17th and 18th century. 
  • Victoria Square - located in the centre of the city, the visitor gets to see Symphony Hall, Council House, Shakespeare Collection at the Central Library and the Coffin Museum.
  • Jewellery Quarter - with over 40% of Britain’s jewellery manufactured at this place, the Jewellery Quarter is one of the oldest places in Birmingham. Barber Institute of Fine Arts - this institute houses the works of Bellini, Botticelli, Rubens, Rembrandt and Tintoretto to name a few. 
  • Birmingham Back to Backs - the unique back-to-back homes that were occupied by the working-class section of people centuries ago are still restored. 

Places to Eat in Birmingham

Birmingham is a place for foodies, as the city continuously lands on national lists of best food destination in the world. It is indeed true that as a city grows, more restaurants are incorporated and many fall into the category of ‘must-try items’.

What foods should visitors try in Birmingham?

Here are 10 foods that every traveller should try: 

  • Pikelets.
  • Balti.
  • Birmingham soup.
  • Brummie bacon cakes.
  • Lambswool.
  • Mild.
  • Frumenty.
  • Faggots and peas.
  • Pork scratchings.
  • Shrewsbury cake.

What are the best restaurants in Birmingham?

Birmingham offers many of the best restaurants, and here are the top 10 that have to be checked out:

  • Sabai Sabai.
  • El Borracho de Oro.
  • The Plough.
  • Zindiya.
  • Tom’s Kitchen.
  • Harborne Kitchen.
  • Lucky Duck.
  • Laghi’s Deli.
  • The High Field.
  • The Thirsty Donkey.

What are the top posh restaurants in Birmingham?

Here are the top posh restaurants in Birmingham:

    • Filini’s Bar and Restaurant.
    • Ginger’s.
    • Fumo.
    • Pushkar.
    • Simpsons.
    • 1847 Birmingham.
    • Aalto.
    • The Wilderness.
    • Rofutu.
    • Mechu

What are Birmingham’s cheaper dining options?

When visitors need to save a bit of money, they should consider these cheap places to eat in Birmingham:

  • Comptoir Libanais Birmingham.
  • The Birmingham Stable.
  • Pint Shop Birmingham.
  • The Rose Villa Tavern.
  • Bodega.
  • The Original Patty Man.
  • Luck Duck.
  • Zindiya.
  • The Button Factory.
  • Buffalo and Rye.

Street Food in Birmingham

As a place gains popularity, it becomes a tourist destination and food becomes a necessity. Eating to fill the stomach is so passé, people now throng street foods for quick bites and to ease their appetite.

Here are the best street food options to try out in Birmingham:

  • Digbeth Dining Club.
  • Hawker Yard.
  • Moseley Farmer’s Market.
  • KingshEATh Streetfood Market.
  • Taste & Liquor.

Shopping in Birmingham

Any place that offers a shopping facility is a paradise for shoppers. Birmingham never fails to impress any tourists when it comes to shopping, and few centres like Bullring & Grand Central, Mailbox Birmingham and the Jewellery Quarter are a must-visit.

Here are the best shopping places to spend on the best-valued materials in Birmingham:

  • Link Street.
  • The Mailbox.
  • John Lewis.
  • House of Fraser.
  • Great Western Arcade.
  • Custard Factory.
  • Corporation Street and New Street Shopping.
  • Touchwood.
  • Resorts World.
  • Intu Merry Hill.

Transport in Birmingham

Birmingham is located in the central of the UK, and this is a major transport hub on the motorway, air, rail, and canal networks. The canal system has been a major part of transport since the Industrial Revolution, however, with changing times, this system is used only for leisure purposes and as an attraction for tourists.

Transport for West Midlands co-ordinates the local public transport network that includes both buses and railways. Travelling in Birmingham is not a great deal, as the pedestal way is more preferred due to the compact nature of the city, and if there is a little distance then there are many public means of transport that the traveller can hop on to get to the destination.

Weather in Birmingham

The maritime climate of Birmingham makes the city a typical UK city where the summers are warm and winters cold. This city gets a good amount of snowfall. On an interesting note, Birmingham witnesses tornadoes that can be mild to severe (but given the infrequent nature of this, this isn’t anything to worry about). In the summer, it also becomes fairly hot, with only a minor difference between it and the boiling temperatures of London.