From Silicon Valley to the Silicon Roundabout – Why Shoreditch is the Place to Bring Your Start-Up

Whether you are a native Londoner, an English country kid moving to the big city to make your dreams come true or someone making the much bigger change of bringing your fresh ideas to this bright, exciting city full of possibility from abroad, there is no doubt the enormous variety of businesses, innovation and the hard-working culture in London combine to make this exciting metropolis a dream place to launch your start-up. But once the initial phase is over and it looks like your dream might actually become a reality, a whole new set of questions pop up and rear their ugly question-mark heads.

One of the biggest considerations for a start-up organisation is where to base themselves, and once you’ve decided it has to be London, you’ve hundreds of neighbourhoods to choose from. Lately however, it seems one place is making a name for itself as the zenith of start-up neighbourhoods – and that place is Shoreditch. According to an article published by The London Evening Standard last week, countless businesses are flocking from Silicon Valley in the US to make this neighbourhood the base for their offices, which is why the recognisable roundabout that forms an intersection between Old Street and City Road has been dubbed ‘Silicon Roundabout’.

So why has Shoreditch become the ideal spot to park the offices of a start-up? And more importantly, why should you follow the trend?

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