2020 Paris Relocation Guide Releases

After weeks of hard work and research, thesqua.re is proud to bring to you the most in depth guide to Paris you can find today. Not only is the 2020 Paris Relocation Guide completely free to download, but you can read the entire first chapter on our website itself.

Eiffel Tower Paris

With 5 extensively researched, broad-ranging chapters, every question you have about this city are answered. We cover accommodation, cost of living, travelling around Paris, childcare, healthcare and of course, tourist attractions.

Here's a quick summary of each chapter:

Chapter 1: Accommodation

Accommodation in Paris

Moving to a new city means finding a roof over your head. This chapter helps you gain an in-depth insight into Paris' housing market whilst exploring the best places to live in the city.

Chapter 2: Travel

Travel in Paris

Landed in Paris? Now let's move around the city. Yes, the Metro is one of the largest underground networks in the world, but there are so many other options available as well. Journey through the city as we separate fact from fiction.

Chapter 3: Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Paris

Find out how much it really costs the average human to live in Paris. We cover everything from daily bills to visas, taking account of everything in between.

Chapter 4: Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions in Paris

Yes, you know of the Eiffel tower, but are you aware of the lesser known Parisian attractions just waiting to be discovered? Step off the beaten path with our overview of Paris' landmarks.

Chapter 5: Schools, Childcare & Healthcare

School Childcare and Healthcare in Paris

Moving to Paris with children? Be a responsible adult and read about the various schooling options available to you. Those with tiny tots can relax too as we narrow down the perfect child care options (and costs) you can realistically expect. Understand the French public health care system as well as the private healthcare alternatives you can opt for.

Paris 2018 relocation guide by thesqua.re

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