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6 Fun Things to Do in Berlin

It’s difficult to decide the best things to do in Berlin as there are just so many of them. It’s a modern city with a colourful and sometimes sad history so you’ll always find something to keep you interested.

But what are some of the best and most fun things to do? Check out some of these.

Fun things to do in Berlin

Museum Island

Sounds a little strange but this is actually a place. Yes, it is an island and yes it is full of museums! It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site which is located in the middle of the Spree. If that isn’t enough it is also home to five of Berlin’s most well known and visited museums.

One thing not to be missed is the Egyptian bust of Nefertiti at the Neues Museum.

If you think you can fit everything in in a day, you can purchase one ticket to get you into all five museums.

Walk along the Berlin Wall

Maybe not one of the fun things to do in Berlin, more like one of the essential things to do when you are there. It’s a place which pays tribute to the city’s most recent tragic past.

Although most of the wall was demolished in 1990 there is still a significant stretch which has been restored on the south border of Mitte and Wedding.

You can also visit the infamous Checkpoint Charlie, the former border control area which is now a major tourist centre with storyboards dictating the history of the wall.

For a visual reminder, the stretch of the wall between Freidrichshain and Kreuzberg has been preserved with the graffiti and artwork which went up when the wall was first torn down.

Visit the Olympic Stadium

The Olympiastadion was built when Germany hosted the 1936 Olympics and is a great surviving example of how the fascists of the time liked their architecture.

The building oozes a chilling history but also one of defiance. Hitler had intended the Olympics to be a showcase for his ideas about the Aryan race. Instead the black American athlete Jesse Owens stole the show by winning five gold medals, making Hitler and his absurd ideas look rather stupid in from of the watching world.

After surviving World War Two intact it also survived a number of demolition attempts, before being completely refurbed for the 2006 football World Cup.

Have a Family Day Out at Berlin Zoo

One of the best days out if you’re looking for things to do in Berlin with the kids. This is the most popular zoo in Europe and it’s easy to see why once you pay it a visit.

Opening in 1841 it is Germany’s oldest zoo and its beautiful gardens belie the fact that it is also one of the most important scientific research centres regarding animals in the world.

There are over 14,000 creatures to see here with a huge number of the world’s species represented. If it’s raining you can even spend the day in the indoor aquarium which is packed full of sharks, crocodiles, amphibians and insects. Though not all in the same tank obviously!

Charlottenburg Gardens

Discover a place which effectively takes you back to a far older Berlin. If you’ve ever been to Versailles, imagine a slightly smaller version of it which displays grand German opulence as opposed to French.

Believe it or not the building was actually built as a summer retreat, rather than a main home!

The building was quite severely damaged in World War 2 but has now been restored to its former glory after many years of careful refurbishment.

You don’t even have to venture inside the great house to enjoy the place either. The gardens are a beautiful sight to behold, as well as being a romantic place to explore.

Explore the Reichstag

If you weren’t aware, the Reichstag is the seat of the German parliament. This beautiful building, has a fascinating story, both historically and architecturally. Both the history and architecture are discussed on the available guided tours.

Its most famous offering is the glass dome. Designed by the famous English architect, Sir Norman Foster, this roof terrace not only offers a restaurant, but the most magnificent views over the city. It also gives you an insider view of war damage and graffiti from the Second World War.

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