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8 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Toronto

best neighborhoods in toronto


Toronto is a city full of different cultures, lively neighborhoods and endless sorts of fun. Whether you're just visiting Toronto or are searching for a new place to live, choosing the right neighborhood will make all the difference. To guide you around the city, we have drawn up a list of eight great neighborhoods in Toronto for either long or short-term stays. From bustling neighborhoods filled with trendy shops and restaurants to quiet, family-oriented areas there is something for everyone here. So let’s get started!


The first stop is Danforth. It is a foodie's dream place to eat and is famous for Greek cuisine. There are a host of restaurants offering everything from souvlakis to baklava. Each August, this area plays host to Taste of the Danforth, a festival which draws crowds from all over the country and abroad to celebrate Greek culture and cooking.

But Danforth is not just about food. It has a lively vibe and a tight-knit sense of community. Its streets are filled with boutiques, cozy cafes and lively street art. For those who like live entertainment, the Danforth Music Hall is not only a historical venue but also a great place to see different-performing artists and bands. It's also very accessible by public transportation, making it easy to visit other parts of town.

West Queen West

West Queen West is Toronto's hipster heartland. This neighborhood is one of the most hip areas, with trendy little shops, art galleries, and all kinds of stylish bars and cafés. The area is home to the Drake Hotel, a cultural hot spot where you can hear live music, go see art exhibitions, and even use their rooftop garden for yoga sessions.

It is the place to be if you are an artsy person. The Graffiti Alley is a must-see for fans of outdoor art. There's a little bit of modern and artsy in the town, which makes it perfect for all types. The neighborhood’s highlight, Trinity Bellwoods Park, is surrounded by trees and grass fields which make it a great place in spring or summer for a picnic or quiet day out. 

Runnymede-Bloor West Village

If you're looking for a family-friendly neighborhood, Runnymede-Bloor West Village is a fantastic choice. This area offers a suburban feel while still being close to the city center. The streets are lined with charming homes, lush greenery, and top-rated schools, making it a great place for families.

The main appeal of Bloor Street West is that the neighborhood is filled with independent shops, bakeries, and cafes. You’ll also find the iconic Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival here every September, celebrating the neighborhood's rich cultural heritage. For outdoor enthusiasts, High Park is nearby, offering trails, a zoo, and even a playground for kids.


Located in North York, Avondale is a relatively quiet neighborhood that offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces. It’s perfect for those who want a peaceful retreat while still having access to city amenities. The area is well-served by public transit, with easy access to the Yonge-University subway line.

Avondale boasts several parks and green spaces, such as Avondale Park and the nearby Earl Bales Park, where you can enjoy hiking trails and winter skiing. The neighborhood also features a variety of restaurants and shopping centers, including the Bayview Village Shopping Centre, which offers a more upscale shopping experience.

Wellington Place

For those who prefer a more urban vibe, Wellington Place is a bustling neighborhood located in the heart of downtown Toronto. This area is perfect for young professionals and city dwellers that thrive on the hustle and bustle of city life. Wellington Place is home to a mix of modern condos, office buildings, and historical landmarks.

The neighborhood is a hub for dining and nightlife, with a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants to choose from. It’s also close to the entertainment district, where you can catch a play at the Royal Alexandra Theatre or a concert at the Scotiabank Arena. With its central location, Wellington Place offers convenient access to public transit and major city attractions.


Yonge-Doris, situated near North York's center, is an ideal spot for those who crave convenience. The area is anchored by the Yonge Street corridor, one of Toronto’s main arteries. This neighborhood is bustling with activity, offering a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

One of the main highlights of Yonge-Doris is its proximity to the North York Centre, a major commercial and cultural hub. Here, you’ll find the Toronto Centre for the Arts, which hosts various performances and events throughout the year. The area is also known for its high-rise apartments and condos, catering to both families and professionals.

Cabbagetown-South, St. James Town

Cabbagetown-South and St. James Town are two adjacent neighborhoods that offer a unique blend of history and modernity. Cabbagetown is famous for its well-preserved Victorian homes and lush, tree-lined streets. It’s a picturesque area that feels like stepping back in time, with its charming architecture and quaint atmosphere.

In contrast, St. James Town is a more densely populated area with high-rise apartments and a diverse community. The mix of these two neighborhoods provides a rich cultural experience, with a variety of dining options reflecting the area’s multiculturalism. Riverdale Park is a popular spot here, offering stunning views of the city skyline.


Last but not least is Bay-Cloverhill, an upscale neighborhood that combines the best of urban living with a touch of luxury. Located just steps from the University of Toronto, this area is perfect for students, academics, and professionals alike. Bay-Cloverhill is known for its modern high-rise condos, providing stunning views of the city.

The neighborhood is home to the Royal Ontario Museum and Queen’s Park, offering cultural and recreational opportunities. Bay-Cloverhill’s central location means you’re never far from the best dining, shopping, and entertainment Toronto has to offer. It’s a vibrant area where you can enjoy the finer things in life while staying connected to the city’s pulse.


Toronto is a city of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and character. Whether you're looking for a trendy, artsy vibe, a family-friendly community, or a peaceful retreat, there’s a neighborhood in Toronto that’s perfect for you. Exploring these eight neighborhoods will give you a taste of the city’s diversity and help you find the ideal place to stay. So pack your bags and get ready to discover all that Toronto has to offer!

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