Aberdeen: The Crown of North East Scotland

When naming Scottish cities it is likely that Aberdeen will be one of the first ones you think of, more than likely immediately after you name Edinburgh and Glasgow.

It’s not the capital of Scotland like Edinburgh and it’s not the largest city in the country, like Glasgow. In fact, to be fair, it is the third largest city in Scotland. But to consider it as inferior to its two larger neighbours does the Granite City a great injustice.

Aberdeen really is the jewel in the crown of North-East Scotland.

The name ‘Granite City’ stems from the buildings that were erected from the eighteenth century through to the middle of the twentieth century. They were generally made from the grey granite, taken from local quarries.

Aberdeen is far from a grey, drab city, however. A dramatic and substantial coastline runs along the city, with beautiful beaches of powdery sand.Its coastal position gives it a unique climate where summers can be pretty cold, but winters are unexpectedly mild.

In terms of culture, Aberdeen is a rich city. There are two universities in the city and plenty of museums and galleries to enjoy.

The Aberdeen Maritime Museum celebrates the city’s relationship with the sea, from simple fishing right through to modern gas and oil exploration which the city is currently famed for. In fact the off shore activity close to the city means that it has one of the busiest heliports to be found anywhere in the world.

As well as permanent collections the city also plays host to a great number of yearly festivals and special events. The Aberdeen International Youth Festival, The Aberdeen Alternative Festival and The Aberdeen Student Show are just some examples.

Aberdeen is also associated with a strong music scene. If you’re looking for serviced apartments in Aberdeen and you’re a live music fan, consider staying near to Belmont Street where the pubs and clubs are well known for their live music events.

The other big thing for Aberdeen locals is sport. Rugby union, rugby league and even cricket have a large following. There is a large cricket community in existence which is unusual north of the English border.

The biggest sports following however is for the local football team, Aberdeen FC. They were the last team not from Glasgow to win the Scottish Premier League back in 1985, during a time when they were a dominant force in Scottish and indeed European football.

A trip to Pittodrie stadium today is certainly worthwhile, just don’t expect the same results as thirty years ago!

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