Adding a vintage touch to modern extravagance- Luxury living in Paris!

Parisian apartments are the very definition of style. From moldings on the ceilings to rich art on the wall, serviced apartments in Paris blend in luxury with day-to-day life. A touch of intrigue and romance adds a vintage charm to modern living spaces in France.

The luxury apartments in Paris incorporate art deco, Mediterranean influences, a timeworn charm and cabaret influences in its decor. Here is a list of features that adds on to the luxurious stay in the capital of love. The images used in the story are from Paris apartments list.

Subtle Palettes

luxury apartment in saint germain

Drawing Room View of Saint Germain Apartment

The easy-going, non-complicated concept of colors, blends in all the elements of the living space without clashing. The subtle colors in Parisian apartments, impart a warm homely feel and a calm aura.  They make the place look more spacious and beautiful.

Borrowed from the Past

Luxury apartments in champs elysees

Living Room View of Champs Elysees Apartment

Some properties in Paris come with lush architectural features- soaring ceilings, cornices, ornate wall panels and huge windows. These Parisian apartments will transport you back in time. The mix of modernism with provenance makes the living space in Paris a piece of French love with history attached.

Classic yet contemporary

serviced apartment in champs elysees

Contemporary Art Decor of Champs Elysees Apartment

If a Parisian home is not adorned with vintage charm in every corner, it will divinely balance the old-world elegance with contemporary design. The visual presentation of objects is a keenly followed topic, when it comes to decor of the places to stay in Paris. If you are planning a short stay in Paris, look for such apartments rather than hotels for a Parisian life.


art decor in champs elysees

Living Area View of Palais Bourbon Apartment

The French love adding art to their homes. From large abstract pieces to old renowned paintings, the artwork balances the features of French homes. The presence of art adds a depth to the interiors and bring life to Parisian homes. A place to stay in Paris would help you embrace these colors with an undeniable ease.

The Romantic Touch

Trocadero serviced apartment

Romantic Touch View From Trocadero Apartment

Brushed with romantic elements and tones Parisian homes evoke a fairytale charm with decor. From gilded furniture and hardware to chandeliers, every piece and detail add a whimsical feel to the house.

Layers of unique objects

layers of unique objects

Antique Amenities of Champs Elyesees Apartment

Draped in curiosities and layered with uniqueness, Parisians adorn their homes with a mix of rough and refined objects. They do not shy away from drapes that pool on the floor to add a dreamy look to their space. They display pretty-little-things on different surfaces and add an emotional touch to their visual senses.

A planned extended stay in Paris could be turned into an experience if one chooses short-term lets in the capital of love. Be home when you travel and remember ‘Paris is always a good idea.’

Vani Munjal

Assistant Manager- Content

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