Alternative Commuting Options during the London Tube Strike (November 28th - 30th)

With over 1800 London Tube drivers and station staff striking in protest of job cuts this weekend, commuters will be badly hit. Tube services will be severely affected starting Sunday, November 28th and the situation is expected to remain unchanged till Tuesday, November 30th.

To aid guests staying in our London serviced apartments and all other commuters, MoLi has come out with a list of alternative commuting options:

Bicycle Hire - The fit and active will find London's innovative Bicycle Hire Scheme perfect for commuting short distances or even long ones. Under this scheme, bicycles can be hired from the many docks set across the city for as little as £1 for 24-hours. And if your destination is less than 30 minutes away, you can sign up for the scheme and travel free. Just one thing - You need to sign up in advance. A scheme for casual users is set to start on December 3rd.

Bus - London has a good bus service and for the duration of the strike over 100 extra buses will be deployed to ensure minimum inconvenience to Londoners - both visiting and residents.

Cabs - Hail a cab; they will be hard to find especially with the Tube down, but with luck you may just get one. If you are wary of being stranded without a cab to get back, then hire a car from a reputed car rental service. Just be prepared to withstand the long traffic congestion, which are bound to increase this weekend and pay a congestion charge of £8 per vehicle from Monday to Friday if you are driving into Central London.

Ferry - Take the scenic route with a cruise down the River Thames. 4 dedicated commuter services run every 15 minutes; tickets can be bought online, at the pier or aboard the boat itself - it varies with the service provider. A trip down the Thames from London Bridge to Canary Wharf takes just over 10 minutes.

Enjoy a walk - The last but not the least alternative is to get into a pair of good walking shoes and enjoy the weather as you breeze through London on your pair of legs.

Please feel free to contact our Front Desk or Reservations Office for further information or assistance in registering for the Barclay's Bicycle Hire Scheme.


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UK office: 44 2031427013

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