Beijing Winter Olympics 2022- Biggest Attractions

Beijing is the national capital of China that is a perfect combination of Chinese culture and modernity. Zhangjiakou, its neighbouring city is a skiing paradise that is mainly visited by Chinese skiers. This is the city that hosted the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The grand event will start on 4th February 2022 which is the Chinese traditional New Year period (starting on and from 1st February 2022). The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 is the biggest sporting event and festival in China that will take place this year. The game's event will not only be a sporting treat but a true compilation of traditional celebrations.


Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium (Venue of Beijing Winter Olympics 2022)

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: Top Facts

  1. Chinese: / ‘Beijing Winter Olympics' /bay-jing dong-ao-hway
  2. Venues: 3 training venues, 12 competition venues, 3 medal prizes, 3 Olympic villages, 1 ceremony venue, and 3 media centres.
  3. Locations: Zhangjiakou Cluster, Yanqing Cluster, Central Beijing Cluster,
  4. Events: 109 events 
  5. Dates: 4th to 22th February 2022
  6. Suited to everyone, mainly sports lovers

Main Reasons for Attending the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

  • Beijing is also the first city that will be hosting Olympics in Summer and Winter.
  • More competition venues are being added and expanded supporting the Winter Games. All the venues are worth visiting because of their complex constructions, unique architectural design, environmental friendliness, and low-carbon mandate.
  • The Chinese traditional New Year vacation and the Winter Games is a good mixture of sports and culture.

Beijing Winter and What Visitors to Bring

Both Zhangjiakou and Beijing are situated in North China. The weather is sunny, dry, and very cold, especially in February. The city areas in February have an average temperature is about -5–3°C. The ski resorts have a temperature of about -10°C to -20°C.

What Visitors Must Bring for the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022?

If you are planning to attend the Olympic Games Beijing 2022, then you must remember to pack as per the activities you will be doing. Most probably, you will need winter coats, a thick sweater, boots, warm trousers, gloves, hats, and a scarf. If you want to experience a hot spring then carry a swimming suit too.

Beijing 2022 Schedule— Select Which Days You Wish to Attend

The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 consists of 109 events over 15 disciplines. These events will take place in three groups: Zhangjiakou Cluster, Yanqing Cluster, and Beijing Cluster.

The competitions will be held in six venues in Beijing Cluster, two new venues, two snow sports like freestyle skiing and snowboarding, all ice events, and 2008 legacy venues.

The Yanqing Cluster will be hosting bobsleigh, luge, and alpine skiing competitions in the two new venues.

In Zhangjiakou Cluster, other snow competitions will be hosted in four different competition venues.

This scheduled version of the 109 events of the Olympic Games Beijing 2022 is tentative till the confirmed version is released.

6 Major Things to Do When Attending the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

1. Explore the Eventful Beijing City

Winter is not an ideal time to visit this beautiful city but you might witness occasional snow scenes and have a good time in the snow. Also, fewer tourists in the location can make your experience more enjoyable and magical. You must consider staying overnight in the Gubei Water Town especially in winters to better appreciate the night view of the majestic Great Wall. You can also soak yourself and relax in the hot springs after a long day. Tourists can also explore the Forbidden City and spend some leisure time finding the hidden treasures in the well-preserved imperial palace. You can also take a rickshaw and wander in the narrow lanes. It will help you discover the old Beijing and the local life it has to offer in the hutongs. Later in the evening, you can have some entertainment by watching the Kungfu Show or Beijing Opera. This will be a complete cultural experience and a beautiful end to your day.    

2. Appreciate the Olympic Venues

Some of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics venues are newly-build or expanded for hosting the events in a better way. The following event venues are worth visiting because of their unique and charismatic style.

  • The National Stadium is located at the centre of Beijing and is also called the Bird’s Nest. It will be hosting the Beijing 2022 Olympics’ opening and closing of ceremonies. 
  • The National Aquatics Centre is also located at the Central and was called the “Water Cube”. Now, it is famously known as the “Ice Cube”. This venue will be present the curling events. Some of the events to be held are the Shougang Big Air which is the resemblance of a ribbon floating in the sky, snowboarding of big air events, and freestyle skiing.
  • The National Sliding Centre is a large golden dragon that will be hosting the skeleton, bobsleigh, and luge events. 
  • The National Ski Jumping Centre is also known as “Snow Ruyi” resembles a spoon-like talisman (Chinese) that has a bulbous raised head. This venue will host Nordic combined events and ski jumping.

3. Watch a Competition and Cheer for your Favourite Team or Athlete

The main reason behind travelling for the Winter Olympics travel is to watch your favourite team or athlete compete. So, visitors must stay alert and find out when their favourite event will take place as per the final schedule. The exact date of the release of Beijing Winter Olympics tickets must be observed to witness the competitions.

4. Go Skiing like an Athlete in Zhangjiakou

You may want to experience the speed and fun yourself to fully enjoy the thrill of winter sports. Tourists can head to Zhangjiakou that has some amazing ski resorts. It has become the Skiers Paradise in China because of the abundance of snow, high-end hotels, first-class facilities, and quality service.

5. Celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year

The traditional Chinese Year is also called the Spring Festival. It is the most celebrated and most important festival in China. The Chinese New Year begins from 1st February in 2022. The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 openingceremony will be held three days before the New Year. The events will last for 14 days and the last day i.e. the 15th day of February is celebrated as the Lantern Festival. To celebrate the festival, streets and houses are decorated with red couplets and red lanterns. Chinese families have a get-together and enjoy the New Year’s meal. They also enjoy the Spring Festival Gala and fireworks on TV during the countdown. Seniors and kids receive red envelopes as a token of good wishes. People also attend temple fairs that have a wide variety of entertainment like puppet shows and lion dances from New Year’s Day.

6. Extend your trip and visit other nearby cities

China is a vast country that is not only about coldness in February. Therefore, you must also make it a point to visit the neighbouring cities such as Yunnan Province, Hainan Province, and Xishuangbanna, and others. Many other festivals like the Snow Festival, Harbin Ice, and the Lusheng Festival are also celebrated during this month.

If you are visiting China for the first time, then do visit the popular cities like Guilin, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Chengdu. These cities will give you a clear picture of the rich culture and tradition of China. Most importantly, you must plan to book serviced apartments in Beijing as per your choice. 


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