Best Activities to Enjoy in London

Are you planning to visit London during the vacation? Well, if yes, this post narrates some of the best activities in London.

You can discover various activities to enjoy in London. The summer season in the city opens a brand new facet. If you are planning for a visit anytime soon, do consider visiting these spots.

It's the time when London's bright and sunny days arrive. London's parks become leafy social clubs. The restaurants dust their outdoor setup, and fountains erupt from concrete squares. Summer in London makes the city air filled with music, art, and alfresco theatre.

Make your London stay worth the experience. Visit the art exhibitions, secret spots, iconic attractions, stunning parks, and theatres. In this London bucket list, you can get a great start toward exploring it. So, what do you want to plan in your itinerary? Let's dive into the thick of things.

#1 Plan for a Flower Market Visit at Columbia Road

Want to visit one of the oldest flower markets in London? Plan for a weekend visit to the Columbia Road Flower Market! You will love the market that lines Columbia Road. Calling it a hipster paradise is not an exaggeration. Buy different flowers, cacti, and plants from here. You can also buy a banana tree to design your home's patio space.

When you visit the place, never refrain yourself from bargaining sessions. The market stays awake till 3pm. But the most exclusive purchases happen in the morning (8am). After roaming around the market, you can catch up with some cafés, antique dealers, shops, and galleries.

#2 Enjoy Tennis-Watching Session at Wimbledon

Do you know why Wimbledon is a popular tourist spot? It is the leafy south-west London suburb that plays host to the best lawn tennis championshipin the world each summer.And neglecting to visit this place will only keep your London trip incomplete.

Get the experience of watching the historical tennis championship. Summer is the most excellent time to head to SW19. In July, you can witness tennis players live. When you plan a visit here, don't miss out on collecting your ticket in advance. The best spots get applied for by the ballot. But if you are lucky, you can get tickets even during the tournament.

#3 Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Pond

Want to experience bathing in ponds amid Hampstead Heath's green space? If yes, include it in your London bucket list. This place offers lifeguarded open-water swimming throughout the year.

Experience a rejuvenating experience during scorching summer days in London. There are men's, women's and mixed ponds. But note that the mixed pond is only for members and is not lifeguarded during winters. Swimming connoisseurs can swim in the pond.

After you finish swimming, look for a hot shower. The Ladies' Pond can offer it to ladies only. So, it's bad luck for all the lads out there.

#4 Visit Notting Hill Carnival & Party Hard

Notting Hill Carnival is one of the greatest street party zones. Did you know that the annual Carnival occurs in Notting Hill Street each summer?

Here, you can get a taste of Caribbean communities and their traditions and culture. In fact, it has taken place ever since 1966. Over Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday, live music intrigues every fan.

It includes dub, salsa, and reggae. You can also enjoy to the tune of 37 static sound systems and steel bands alongside soca floats. Never miss out on mouthwatering Caribbean food. Do consider the warm-ups and after-parties. Sound systems on streets and in squares are great too.

#5 A Visit to the Shakespeare's Globe

Have you heard of William Shakespeare's circular theatre? If yes, you might have learned that it got destroyed. Well, you can enjoy its reconstruction now – Shakespeare's Globe. Spend your quality time here.

Experience the Bard's plays as the Elizabethan audience did so. In the epoch of Mr Shakespeare, theatre goers stayed on their feet while watching the play. They are 'groundlings', and they stood and got an up-close view.

So, at Globe too, the culture has endured. You may enjoy the standing spot at a nominal fare. Enjoy the engrossing action. You won't realize that your leg is hurting until the play gets over.

Do watch a midnight performance when you visit here. You may need to book it in advance. And amid your booking session, you can enjoy a cup of coffee too!

#6 Steal a View from the Primrose Hill

Would you ever want to immerse yourself in a grassy hill in London? If yes, pay a visit to Primrose Hill. From here, the city's skyline looks picture-perfect. It remains surrounded by posh shops. It gets frequented by London's most cordial dog walkers. Make it a great trip, and don't miss out on visiting Primrose Hill.

When you plan to visit here, please don't miss out on the extraordinary sunset. You will see the sun casting its glorious rays around the city as it goes down. Do carry your camera to snap these panoramic views blended in natural orange light.

#7 Capture the Beauty of Roses in the Regent's Park

Explore the beautiful aspects of the Regent's Park in London. It is home to the London Zoo. More so, it gives you mesmerizing views of lush rose gardens and a boating lake. A traveller can't complain about its picturesque glory. It offers free access without spending money on buying tickets. The garden is home to more than 85 varieties of roses. You will love the fragrance in early June. During this time, witness the best blooms.

The Regent's Park has an air theatre for further alfresco pleasures. This is a magical way to enjoy outdoor theatre between April and September.

#8 Visiting Little Venice

Want to visit a quaint corner of London? That calls for Little Venice. Now, it has become an Instagram-centric corner of London. Here, you can click stunning photos. Take a view of narrowboats and waterways. Don't forget to click surreal selfies.

Now, why should you visit this place? It is a great spot, coupled with a bustling community of boat-dwelling Londoners. One can wander through the Rembrandt Gardens. Enjoy your feast with friends and family at The Summerhouse. Experience a cuppa in the Quince Tree Café at Clifton Nurseries. Hop on board the cruise travelling between Camden Lock and Little Venice. From here, you can visit Primrose Hill or the London Zoo.

The most important part of your trip is a visit to the Puppet Theatre Barge. It's waterborne and puts a contemporary twist on cultural tales.

#9 Walthamstow Wetlands and Its Wildlife

Do you know the name of the biggest urban wetland nature reserve in Europe? It's none other than the Walthamstow Wetlands. When you visit here, do explore its wildlife. Enjoy the dreamy scenery of this peaceful oasis. Visiting here only needs a tube ride from Zone 1.

Get intrigued with the enthralling bird-watching experience. Watch kingfishers, peregrine falcons, wildfowl, etc.

The entry is free. But the permit is only available for serious bird watching through different angles. Don't forget to bring your camera here. Visit the Larder café. It serves classics such as toasties, jacket potatoes, homemade soups, and fry-ups. It's a great place to warm up after your weekend stroll.

#10 A Visit to Spitalfields City Farm

It's a warm and welcoming urban farm. It houses various cute animals. When you visit here, don't forget to get a taste of the East End's countryside at Spitalfields City Farm. Buy homegrown products like vegetables, laid eggs, and more at the farm shop. If you're lucky, you may catch up on a laidback weekend festival here. All in all, it's a proper city gem with excellent vibes .Don't miss out on its annual goat race.

#11 Tate Modern & Its Free Art

The riverside icon on the South Bank dedicates itself to contemporary art. Now, why should you visit this spot? It's sheer architectural excellence. Tate Modern is all about the design of Bankside Power Station.

The 2016 extension added some gallery space and 360-degree views of the London skyline. Visit here to explore works by Matisse and Bourgeois, etc.

When here, do not miss the Tate Boat that remains decorated with the Damien Hirst dots. It runs up and down the Thames every30 minutes during the opening hours. Tap in and out with the Oyster or even contactless card and step inside.

#12 Sip Martinis in the Dukes Bar

Want to visit the Dukes bar? Are you looking for a delicious and strong cocktail in sumptuous surroundings? If yes, a visit to the Duke's bar is a must.

It is Stanley Tucci's go-to place. Here, cocktails are the most expensive. But bar snacks are excellent. When you visit this spot, don't miss the theatrical presentation of Martinis. It gets created from the trolley wheeled to you.

#13 A Dinosaur Safari in the Crystal Palace Park

Did you know that the southeast London park was the grounds of the glass exhibition hall? Yes, it is the Crystal Palace that got burned down in the 1930s.  This park remains populated with the dinosaur sculptures of the Victorian era. But they are incorrect.

Admire these beasts that inhabit the lake's shores from a new angle. You may take a waterborne dinosaur selfie too. Other good choices to pay a visit are:

  • A maze
  • Ruins of old Crystal Palace's aquarium

When you visit here, consider exploring the Capel Manor Urban Farm. Here, you can discover real meerkats, horses, pigs, etc.

#14 Enjoy the English Breakfast when at E Pellicci

Who wouldn't want to experience a classic English breakfast in London? And when you intend to do so, ensure to visit E Pellicci. E Pellicci is your one-stop destination. It offers meaty, egg-based, and pan-fried forms of English breakfast.

Explore the cuisine and fall in love with the art deco interior. Enjoy fry-ups, Italian plates, and grills. They are still the best dishes for old families who visit here often. Here, do consider the fry-up with bread-and-butter pudding. It has become a customer-favourite.

#15 Treat Your Taste Buds with Chinatown's Cuisines

It's the intense hit of Chinese culture combined with Soho and Theatre land. That's right; it's none other than Chinatown. It is one of the foodie gems of London today. The place offers:

  • Bilingual street signs
  • Lion statues
  • Grand red-and-gold gates
  • Vibrant pagodas

This place welcomes every traveller with arms wide open. Visit your favourite restaurants and shops. Walk into the supermarkets such as See Woo and enjoy fast-food spots such as the Chinatown Bakery.

#16 A Visit to Hogwarts (Harry Potter Studio)

Sure, Harry Potter fans will experience an exciting journey while visiting Hogwarts. After all, the Warner Bros Studio Tour is the most magical one.

The Harry Potter hotspots feature world-popular movie franchise scenes filmed here. Walk inside and take a selfie at Platform 9¾ in the King's Cross. Enjoy the Making of Harry Potter here.

Don't miss out on the opportunity of flying your own broom here. Other activities you can enjoy are:

  • Drinking Butterbeer
  • Wander in Forbidden Forest
  • Experience a visit to the Great Hall
  • Window-shop on the Diagon Alley and so much more

Other activities you can enjoy in London are:

  • Buy fancy fabrics when at Liberty
  • A visit to Kyoto Garden
  • Immerse into the culture of London at Dulwich Picture Gallery
  • Shop for antiques in the Portobello Road Market

Endless ways are there for you to cherish your days in London. But if you are finally booking tickets, let's not forget the above.

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Dukes bar is truly the best place in the world for Martinis.