Best London Steak Restaurants

Have you been roaming across the busy streets of London? Then you must have delved deep into the virtues of English cuisine. However, there is something about steak that reeks of enjoyment and a tempting treat for the taste buds.


A few facts to know about steaks before you make your way for dinner will help. First, you need to know that the taste of your steak depends on its cooking time. Steaks that are easily prepared might end up being hard or excessively chewy. On the other hand, a well-prepared steak results from a perfect balance of herbs and spices, when cooked for a longer span. On that note, here are some of the top steak restaurants in London that you should not miss.


1. Hawksmoor 


While looking for the best London steak restaurants, you should visit Hawksmoor. There are as many as seven branches; all of them will give you a super deluxe taste of cooked meat. Once you make your entry, you will find interiors that are professional enough, but deliver a Christmassy mood. And the food is just as glorious as the fun of Christmas. No matter what kind of steak you order, they are all chalked on the board and served. For the side dishes, you will get the legendary anchovy-packed cream that is laced with a baked potato, commonly known as Jansson's temptation. You can also get triple-cooked chips and macaroni cheese that blends finely with the taste of the steak.

2. Temper 

There is no doubt about the fact that Temper is indeed quite tempting. The smokehouse menu at all three branches of Temper is prepared from large prime cut beef. You can place an order for a porterhouse, rump, rib eye T-bone, and much more. Other than steaks, Temper will surely tempt you with various other goodies from parathas to pigeon pies.

3. Manteca 

While looking for the best London steak restaurants, Manteca is indeed worth mentioning.  This Italian-themed steak restaurant in London has gained attention since 2021. The most expertly crafted menu and cool-but welcoming atmosphere is indeed the highlight. You need to know that this restaurant gets a quarter of a cow on an everyday basis to prepare the steak that is so popular with diners. Another thing about this restaurant is the buttery glaze that you get to see on the steaks.

4. Blacklock 

There is indeed something special about a chop, and Blacklock exploits finely. There are six different six kinds of bone and beef that you can get to taste. If you have an appetite, you can have all the fascinating flavours of beef, pork, or lamb melt into your mouth. Another thing you can get to taste is anchovy. The dining experience here is truly luxurious, to say the least!

5. Chimchurris

It has been adapted from the very famous Merry Poppins song, and like that, this light-themed restaurant will also deliver a welcoming mood. However, you will need to know that this steak restaurant is based on an Argentinian menu where the food you are going to taste will be slightly different from the rest of the menus in London. Although you will find the method of preparing a steak conventional here, the taste will be slightly different. You must taste the Argentinian Rib eye steak that is the speciality of this restaurant.

6. Zelman Meats 

Wish to delve into the retro mood of glowing neon and music? Well, Zelman Meats is just the right place for you. It is situated right adjacent to Knightsbridge; this restaurant is the right place to enjoy your steak. You can also place orders for various cocktails and drinks. Rather you must know that Zelman Meats is the right place for serving drinks to those who are non-alcoholic. Other than that, you can get American Picanha, Canadian Rib-eye, polished fillet, and more steak delights.

7. Sophie's Steakhouse Soho 

You can see Sophie's has class from its entryway patio - a plant-loaded veranda with garden furniture - and the core dining room is no less captivating. It is done in sparkling metal rails and Wes Anderson pastels. The open kitchen at the rear of the eatery has a fire pit as its focal point where hunks of meat hang, absorbing wood smoke flavours. Besides the amazing steaks, try the smoked brisket croquettes. Furthermore, the cheesecake is absolutely stellar here!

8. Flat Iron 

You need to know that this chic-looking mini-chain serves the most eponymous cut that is flavoursome and tricky to tenderize. However, the prices are pocket-friendly. You can place an order for a slab of meat, where the food will be served with basil and other herbs. You should also try a plate of cooked chips and roasted aubergine.

9. Steakhaus

This restaurant is run and owned by meat enthusiast Lilly Bovey, the co-founder of ethical burger brand Ground. It is situated at Camden Market and also the Kerb's Southbank food market. Lily's menu is the basic stuff done well: the steak is cooked to perfection and covered with bean stew margarine, chimichurri, garlic spread or even a seared egg, all heaped on top of super-firm chips. In the event that you're in a hurry, the steak sandwich is your companion. The delicate cuts of bavette are pressed into a brioche bun with caramelized onions and garlic parmesan mayo.

10. The coal shed 

Although the coal shed is almost a corporate-looking restaurant, you will be able to indulge no less! The chic interior is ideal for a classy date. Other than that, the food you will get to taste here is simply fascinating. The entire spot smells tenderly of wood smoke - a secret trailer for the new fish and steaks being crisped on the barbecues. The wine list here is a treat, with a great choice of 500 ml carafes. Get the delectable flower Australian Riesling and maybe a lot more here.

11. Gaucho Charlotte Street 

The founding member of the sustainable steak movement of the Gaucho group has opened a brand-new Argentinian-themed restaurant. This is the flagship branch of this franchise, where you can get the best steaks in London. You can also get eco-friendly wines that are served with cuts of beef seasoned with locally grown herbs and vegetables.

12. The Beefsteaks at Maltby Street Market and KERB

The excellence of steak is its simple nature; there's a size, shape and cooking strategy to suit each item that is prepared. This is shown by the banging sandwiches that The Beefsteaks prepares. This place is known for its flavours and their holder steak is cut into strips to uncover a beautiful pink centre. It fills a Vietnamese-style loaf and is supplemented by red-onion jam, watercress, and the sauce that you choose. What's more, it's a hard decision: bone-marrow peppercorn, Béarnaise, chimichurri or horseradish cream.

13. Goodman Mayfair 

This polished London-based steak restaurant is inspired by Russia. It is a beautiful place to dine on a tenderly prepared steak. You need to know that they curate grass-fed cows to prepare their steaks, and the side dishes comprise chips dipped in mayo and herbs.

14. Berners Traven

It is a real humdinger with its vast baroque-style dining room and portrait-lined walls. Dress up fancy and sit in one of the grandest and most glamorous of Jason Atherton’s Midas-touch restaurants. The kitchen utilizes English ingredients to whip up the finest steaks.

15. Bob Bob Ricard 

More will be more at this fun Soho spot. An obvious luxury choice for champagne-fuelled Gatsby-style fun it is! Enjoy the Anglo-Russian menu that normally incorporates a few extravagant steaks.

16. High Timber

Striking modern craftsmanship, extensive perspectives and the kindness of the café's South African proprietors set everything up at this Thames-side eatery. Zero in on the ribeyes and filets from 28-day-developed Cumbrian meat alongside a selection of sauces going from chimichurri to truffle mustard. Try the biltong and rooibos-smoked salmon as well.

While you are in London, it will be imperative to know about a few of the popular steak restaurants for an evening or night out. These restaurants will certainly delight steak lovers with their fabulous cooking and flavours.

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