Best parks in Hong Kong

As a city associated with progress, prosperity and business, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Hong Kong has plenty of greenery too.  Long before colonisation, Hong Kong was a vibrant and thriving area of rainforest, the parks that can now be found there are a link to that very different past.

Here’s an overview of a few of these parks.

Victoria Park

Named after Queen Victoria, the regent of the UK in the late nineteenth-century, this park is located in the northern area of Hong Kong Island.  A statue of the Queen can be found at the entrance.

Victoria Park Hong Kong

The park started out in life as a typhoon shelter which was part of Victoria Harbour.  It was a place to moor fishing boats and luxury yachts during seasons of poor weather.  In the fifties the land was reclaimed from the sea and the park was built there.

In the early part of this century the park underwent a complete revamp, with basketball courts and a tennis stadium being introduced.

Hong Kong Park

This park is typical of Hong Kong, built in the centre of the city at a cost of nearly HK$ 400 million, this modern day haven covers around twenty acres.  It is a fantastic example of how Hong Kong blends its modern present with its natural past.

hong kong park

This park has preserved a number of historic buildings, including army barracks which were used by the British in the early part of last century.

It is also the home to the largest aviary in Hong Kong, a greenhouse for exotic plants and a modern sports centre.

Kowloon Park

This 33 acre park is locate on the site of another former British army barracks in Kowloon.  The buildings were destroyed and the park developed in the early 1970s.


As well as having nature aplenty, with a tree walk, Rose Garden and a purpose built aviary pond, some of the buildings which were saved have now been turned into museums.  These include the Hong Kong Museum of History.

An unusual feature of the park is the Avenue of Comic Stars.  Here you can find twenty-four statues of comic characters which have been designed locally, as well as the hand prints of the artists.

As with many Hong Kong parks, Kowloon Park enjoys state of the art sporting facilities too.  These include multiple swimming pools, comprising an Olympic sized pool, two 25 metre pools and a diving pool.  In addition there is also a complex of leisure pools linked together by waterfalls.

There are many more parks to explore in Hong Kong, the number in your proximity depends on where you choose to stay.  If you are looking for corporate housing in the form of a serviced apartment then has a wide range to choose from.

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