Best Quick-Travel Weekend Trips in Europe

One of the best things about London is its proximity to many of Europe’s most exciting destinations; living in this travel hub with a series of airports at your fingertips opens up an astounding number of options when it comes to getting away. When the time comes for you to escape the city and explore a little, look no further than the list below: our favourite destinations reachable in less than two hours.



Amsterdam has a lot more to offer than clogs, marijuana and cheese; in fact, Amsterdam is renowned for its collection of famed museums, unique laidback lifestyle and UNESCO World Heritage listed canals. Sure, some tourists come here for the party, but we highly recommend taking the less-travelled route and soaking up the vibe – a huge part of what makes this city so great, lazing by the canals watching the world (and an enormous number of boats) sail by, gazing at the artwork of Rembrandt and Van Gogh in the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum respectively or renting a bike and exploring the countryside – Dutch style.





Paris may seem a cliché destination when it comes to planning a romantic weekend getaway, but it is a cliché for a reason – with its magnificent Haussmannian buildings, world-class shopping, countless number of fine dining restaurants interspersed with charming bistros and cafes, the Eiffel Tower and an indefinable ambience that makes one feel as though they are not in a busy city at all, Paris is a fantastic place to escape with someone special. Of course, you need not be part of a couple to experience Paris – the city also offers much in the way of nightlife and entertainment, making it a must-see destination for young travellers.




Situated in the French-speaking area of Belgium, Liege allows visitors to unwind in a majestic city that offers a modern metropolitan lifestyle in a grand, olden-style setting. Quaint, charming streets await visitors throughout the beautiful city, holding such treasures as the sixteenth-century palace, the symbol of the city: Le Perron, the Liege Cathedral – one of the seven original collegiate churches – and a number of fascinating museums.






Making time for sightseeing in the UK is also well worth your while. As the Irish capital, Dublin is known for being a heartbreaker; visitors adore the city for its stunning architectural landscape, love for literature, friendly residents and lively social scene. The top sights include Dublin Castle, the construction of which began in 1204, and the Book of Kells at Trinity College. A pint of Guinness at any number of local pubs is a must after a day seeing the city.




Offering some of the most famous modern historic sites in the world, along with outstanding nightlife and dining, Berlin becomes a favourite among all that visit it. Whether you desire an educational trip or the chance to blow off some steam – or both, Berlin is the perfect place for a weekend away. Big historic attractions in Berlin include the Berlin Wall, now covered in graffiti-style art, and Checkpoint Charlie. A photo in front of the Brandenburg Gate is a must and a visit to elegant Charlottenburg Palace is highly recommended.




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