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Cyber Week and Black Friday are some of the most popular dates in the Western shopping calendar. Originally a part of the shopping season after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, many western businesses and indeed nations themselves have taken the holiday and applied it to their own calendar; the UK being one of them.

We’re also proud to say that we, thesqua.re, are also taking part. We know that business travellers want bespoke serviced accommodation that ticks all the necessary boxes and delivers on comfort and convenience. But how can we bring Cyber Week and Black Friday to the serviced apartments industry? Easy. We’ll apply spectacular discounts on bookings in some of the top destinations for travellers of business and leisure. Corporate housing and cosy living spaces will be that little bit cheaper throughout the period. That’s one way to grab attention.

This year, we’re focusing on the great city of London. Why? For starters, we have a whole range of serviced apartments in London, in all the top neighbourhoods, that have the features and comforts of home. Also, they’ll be a particular emphasis on the financial hub of Canary Wharf. At the end of the day there’s no point in having a deal on corporate accommodation in London if the commercial centre of Canary Wharf isn’t on the list. Being one of the top stays for business travellers, largely due to convenience and having everything on the front door, focus on this area is essential.

With deals covering both Cyber Week and Black Friday, there will be ample opportunities to save on future bookings in one of the most popular and diverse destinations across the globe. The deals we’ll be showcasing are below:

BF Infographic-01

When it comes to delivering serviced apartments, we’re top of the game. With over 100,000 apartments in 320+ cities (growing daily), all business travellers will find the perfect stay for the. Why choose thesqua.re? Because our apartments provide all that any traveller needs to feel at peace far away from home. With deals that will help all to save on future booking, thesqua.re has it all.


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