Canary Wharf and East London: What to do?

Anyone who ponders what there is to do in the Canary Wharf area probably hasn’t been there before!  It is one of the UK’s two financial centres and is therefore one of the most lively and vibrant places in the capital.  It’s one of the newest too, with everything anybody could possibly want in a modern metropolis.

One of the negative things you hear from potential visitors is that it’s a soulless place, full of suits walking quickly and talking on their mobiles.  Whilst the latter is true, the former couldn’t be more false and is probably only uttered by those who haven’t met a ‘London suit’!

What to do in Canary wharf and East London

‘London suits’ demand restaurants, bars, fine dining and entertainment, which is what the Canary Wharf area is swarming with all of these things.  There’s never a dull moment and if it’s a place you’d like to base yourself during your visit then thesqua.re offers short stay apartments in Canary Wharf.

Of course Canary Wharf and its attractions aren’t the only thing to see in East London.  The area around One Canada Square maybe new but this part of London has a rich history and plenty more places to visit.

One Canada Square london

Thesqua.re, of course, has other serviced apartments in East London which may be in locations more suited to what you want to see, and of course there is more to East London than the modern Docklands area.

You’ve probably had enough of eating, drinking and partying, so you might be looking at something a little bit more physical.  How about an outdoor swim?

Royal victoria doc outdoor swimming

The UK’s gone a bit crazy for wild swimming and at Royal Victoria Dock you can plunge into the freezing waters with a spectacular backdrop to accompany you.  Don’t worry, there are experienced lifeguards on duty at all times!

Lee Valley White Water Centre

Freezing wild swimming too tame for you?  How about trying out white water rafting at the Lee Valley White Water Centre?  Canoeing and kayaking are also on offer at the home of some of the most memorable aquatic adventures from the 2012 Olympics.

Talking of the Olympics, if you like to watch your sport rather than take part, there’s some serious sporting possibilities and treasured memories on offer at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, also in East London.

It’s not just sport of course.  East London is a treasure trove of history, art, wildlife, architecture, nostalgia, shops & markets.  It’s where traditional London meets modern London seamlessly.

It’s also a great base from which to see all of this wonderful capital city.

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