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Chicago – Where to Stay for Business Travel

Chicago in USA
Chicago, USA

Chicago, the largest city in the Midwestern United States, the third largest city in the whole of the US, an international centre for industry, commerce and finance and, of course, a rather catchy musical.

It’s a city that is known for so much more that being ‘Windy’. Indeed, if you are in Chicago for business purposes you won’t be alone. The city is the second most visited in the US and you’ll be joined by up to 55 million people throughout the year who visit for both business and pleasure purposes.

A unique fact about Chicago is that it is one of the most commercially diverse cities in the world. It is not dependent on any one form of business. It’s a very balanced economy which sees no single industry in the city employ more than 14% of the total workforce.

With so many people visiting the city every single year it ensures that it has plenty of space to accommodate them all. There are hotels aplenty from economy through to five star as well as a raft of other accommodation alternatives.

If you are going to stay in the city for any length of time however, you might want to seek out a more comfortable alternative to living out of a suitcase at a hotel.

Corporate housing in Chicago is the way forward for the modern business person. Not only have you got all of the comforts from home, you can also spread out, put your clothes away, cook and relax at the end of the day in a space that’s yours and yours alone.

You can also stay near to where you want to be, whether that be close to your work for the week, or nearer to the tourist parts for the weekend.

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Downtown Chicago and specifically The Chicago Loop are the places to stay for business. This makes up the second largest business district in the US after Manhattan. In Chicago, however, there are 77 identifiable community areas and this is just one of them. There are plenty of places to choose to stay that fit in best with your plans.

You are travelling with family and are considering what to do in Chicago in your free time then this might also affect where you choose to stay. Chicago’s parks, museums, restaurants and waterfront will certainly keep you busy for all of the free time you manage to get!

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