Does size matter?

A recent report by Savills, a leading UK Estate Agent, highlighted the rise in the expansion of ‘pod’ hotels with smaller guestroom footprints and stated that “the rise of pods and smaller format hotels throughout the UK can be largely attributed to cost”. Common sense would dictate that this statement is true; with both corporate and leisure belts being tightened, it is understandable that travellers are looking for the most suitable, cost-effective solution.

For a short one- or two-night stay, the size of the sleeping accommodation can, in many cases, be of little consequence, so long as basic comfort is satisfied. The key here is the additional, on-tap services available in many such establishments, which often include a restaurant, bar and leisure facilities. The report from Savills highlights that pod concepts work well in “locations where visitors don’t necessarily plan to spend a lot of time in their room’’.

When it comes to the longer stay, be that for projects, relocation or similar, the traveller will tend to spend more time ‘living’ in the accommodation as opposed to just ‘staying’.  This is precisely where MoLi’s serviced apartments are the perfect fit, with one- and two-bedroom apartments all having separate bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and kitchens, whilst our studio serviced apartments are more compact but still offer separate, fully-fitted kitchen areas, and bathrooms.

This ‘appropriate space’ element of accommodation demonstrates well what has driven House of MoLi’s product development and the whole ethos behind the work we do with and for our clients – providing the right product in the right place to fit the right need. Namely, space to live in when on a longer assignment complete with all that one needs, and proactively advising our corporate clients when an alternative solution is more appropriate for the shorter-term need.

Cost being a key factor of the growth of pod hotels is also where MoLi matches the requirements of the traveller. The pricing of MoLi’s serviced apartments in London, benefitting the longer stay, is in most cases up to 30% more cost effective than hotel accommodation in the city, therefore offering a highly-competitive alternative to the pod concept in this respect.

All in all, the ideal accommodation for a short-term stay is a petite pod hotel, whilst the best solution for a longer-term stay is undoubtedly a spacious MoLi serviced apartment.

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