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With an increasing number of people travelling for business, it is becoming essential to find ways to make the journey more comfortable, worthwhile and fundamentally a whole lot easier. To really excel in life on the go, the 21st century business traveller has begun to find ways to make the most of their journey. Whether it’s finding inspiration in the clouds or networking at several thousand feet above ground, there’s a whole host of methods to maximise your time travelling.

Today’s savvy traveller now comes armed with useful tips including the often overlooked travel checklist to ensure they have everything needed. Indeed, with advancements in technology, there are a whole range of gadgets to suit anyone’s travelling lifestyle. Miniature mobile phone chargers, solar powered bags and portable laptop locks provide peace of mind knowing that you have backup and security in using your technology while travelling. Mini steam irons and wrinkle-release sprays ensure you look your best even while living out of a suitcase.

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There are an astounding number of products aimed at making your travel as simple as possible and it just keeps expanding. Even before you go, precision luggage scales that you can use to ensure you fall within airline guidelines are a must-have if you don’t want to waste time when dropping off your bag. There are so many ways to ease the hassle of travelling now and as mobile apps take off, there is yet another stream of technology ready to help the business traveller.


Apps such as Citymapper are crucial in allowing you to navigate your new surroundings like a local and use a city’s public transport without a problem. It’s rapidly becoming the new alternative to Google Maps that provides the bonus of real-time departures, disruption alerts and Uber integration. Comprehensive, simple and wide-ranging across 30 cities worldwide, CityMapper aims to reduce the time spent planning, allowing travellers more time to just enjoy themselves.

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Meanwhile apps such as App in the Air are more flight oriented and will keep you updated with real-time flight updates, gate changes and airport navigation so you never have to rush to catch that flight again.  With all that time to spare, you can use  the Time Out app for an extensive directory of things to do in the city. With worldwide coverage and an expansive range from events to local bars and restaurants, you’ll never struggle to find something to do.

Travelling like a pro has never been easier and with constant new ways to make it as comfortable as possible, travelling for business is a great way to see a new part of the world. Just remember to clock out and enjoy your stay. Why not check out our serviced apartments for your next business trip?

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