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It is notoriously difficult to write a ‘best of’ list when it comes to Hong Kong.  A province that continues to develop onwards and upwards, a list would be out of date in no time at all, thanks to the ever changing landscape.  Indeed as I write this piece I have no doubt that another fantastic eatery is opening which would have merited being in it!

Here’s a few of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, right now anyway!

Above & Beyond

Above and Beyond

With a name like this, you’re already going to be expecting great things from this restaurant and rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

Before you’ve even tucked into your meal, you’ll be taken aback by the amazing views across the harbour, achieved by the fact that the restaurant is on the 28th floor of Hotel Icon.

The quality of the food is also sky high, with the Dim Sum being highly recommended by all who try it.  A chef’s selection of Dim Sum is available at lunchtimes for those who are happy to place their trust in the expert’s choice.



Consistently voted Hong Kong’s best restaurant, this two Michelin Star rated eatery has been legendary since it first opened its doors back in 2005.  This is a piece of the Hong Kong landscape that thankfully doesn’t change.

Opening at a time when most restaurants in Hong Kong considered fine dining to consist of old fashioned French food, this restaurant made the mould for the modern European menus that are now the norm.

It’s not stuffy, it’s not traditional and all ingredients are flown in from Europe and used to create dishes that are best described as a European twist on Asian cuisine.  It’s an unusual set up which works as the restaurant is consistently considered one of the world’s best.

Luk Yu

Luk Yu

At first glance, this is a quaint little tea room which has maintained a decor that can best be described as 1930s colonial style.  It looks like the kind of place that you’d try just to say you’d experienced traditional old Hong Kong.

Don’t believe a word of it though!  It is traditional and it has been around for many years serving traditional Chinese fare, but as it is a place which features in just about every guide book ever written about Hong Kong, it is hardly a small tea room to be found off of the beaten track.

Indeed this tea house and dim sum restaurant has become so popular, it reserves one floor for the sole use of it’s local, regular customers.

Mott 32


For an ultra modern take on Chinese cooking, Mott 32 takes some beating.  Situated in the basement of a city bank, this restaurant is very popular with the young and fashionable city crowd.

The food is modern, the decor is modern, even the pre dinner cocktail is served in a unique sealed bubble tea cup.    This is a restaurant where everything runs as sleekly as it looks.

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