Infographic: 10 Christmas facts about London and New York

Christmas is only days away now. With so much magic in the air, it's no wonder that they call it the most wonderful time of the year. But as always, there's always some interesting facts that the pub quizzers and know-it-alls just love to share. And we've got many facts for you right here.

At thesqua.re we've always celebrated Christmas with the same enthusiasm and glamour that one comes to expect. With Christmas and New Year blogs already published on our site and a Christmas competition already been and gone on our social media channels, we've been putting exhaustive effort to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. But that's not it. Our office Christmas party was a resounding success, and we've even got a festive deal going that can help you save on serviced apartments in London.

And now for the main attraction. Here are a few Christmas facts that we bet you didn't know, starting with London:

Christmas Infographics-02

And that's just London. Now we have the facts for the Big Apple coming right up:

Christmas info2

How many did you know? Don't worry we won't tell.


Merry Christmas and happy New Year from thesqua.re!


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