Comparing two fascinating European countries- London Vs Berlin

London and Berlin - The two major Western countries, boasting centuries-old culture. Booming with galleries, museums and music venues with great cultural activities and nightlife, both these cities of Europe feature fascinating neighbourhoods, a rich history and heritage. Here is a comparison to help you decide which is the city you would love to explore first!

London vs Berlin - Infographics


Famous Attractions

  • London-  The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and The Buckingham Palace
  • Berlin- Reichstag (parliamentary building), the Brandeburg Gate and Charlottenburg Palace

Pace of Life

  • London: If you work in London, there is no way getting away from it and you’ll surely be caught up in the speed of life.
  • Berlin: In Berlin, people tend to be in less of a rush and travelling in this city is somewhat more relaxed.

Number of Museums

  • London-215 (Popular-British Museum)
  • Berlin- 158 (Popular - Museum Island)

Cost of Living

London is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live, and when we compare it with Berlin, they’re a million miles apart. Cost of living in London is 43% higher than Berlin and rental prices are 70% lower in Berlin.


There are underground railway systems in both these places.

  • Berlin- The U-Bahn
  • London-The Tube

In London, a monthly public transport pass will cost you around £130, while it is £58 in Berlin. Taxis are also cheaper in Berlin by around 6% than London.

So, which European City do you feel is more fascinating to you? It really does come down to your personal choice!


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