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“There is nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.” - Vivienne Westwood

Apart from being the most visited city in the world, London is a melting-pot of culture, food, art and people. Immersed in history,, London is a unique destination gifted with a treasure trove of delights to uncover. Home to a diverse multi-ethnic population, London’s open arms have welcomed people from all over the world. But, relocation or temporary settlement anywhere is a nightmare if you are unaware of the basics. An insight to information like accommodation, transportation and other fundamentals, is a safety cushion for your plans. It is easier to belong somewhere with vital information and knowledge of the place.

London Living Ebook

thesqua.re has its headquarters in London, so it is well equipped to answer all the questions you may need answers for. Life and living in London is an experience, make the most of it with this guide. Get a detailed copy of ‘London Living’ as you fill in some details here. We hope you love London at thesqua.re

The contents of the ‘London life’ includes:

  1. Accommodation: A handbook for London’s property and rental market, answers important questions like - what areas to look in, what to look for and why opt for service apartments for mid to extended stay plans. The kind of location that you should choose to stay in should balance your wants of a ‘view’ with your needs to ‘move around’.
  2. Utilities: A move to a new country comes with a trail of paperwork and limitations. From the importance of NiNo (National Insurance Number) to setting up a bank account, vital details make a stay convenient and comfortable. with extensive experience in the realm of Luxury Living in London, thesqua.re has included its vital insights in the ‘London Life’ e-book. This encompasses everything you need to know regarding the important documents, legalities and procedures required for the move.
  3. Healthcare: Healthcare and security are major considerations for a move. Knowledge of details like access to the NHS, fees for medical facilities, private healthcare and medical helplines prove to be an advantage in a new city.
  1. Childcare, Schools & Leisure: A mid to long-term stay often comes with the option to live with your family. And with family, comes the ‘play’ part of the work-play balance of life. Considering respectable schools, child-care costs, and baby-sitting services are the basics for your new life, after relocation. The leisure community also plays an important part in your settlement. A manual of these details can help you build a better life in this beautiful city.
  2. Practical Tips: Even though a move is a beautiful adventure theoretically; it can be daunting if you aren’t well-versed with the practical know-how. It’s hard to learn the best options to easily get around the busy districts; certain steps can make your life easier and more convenient.

270 Nationalities, 300 languages and a global capital- London is varied and magnificent. Want more proof? Plan a stay in the cosmopolitan city with thesqua.re


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