London New Year – Where Are the Best Parties?

If there’s one thing that London and Londoners know how to do, it’s party.  Any day of the week any week of the year there’s always something to celebrate and there’s always somewhere new to celebrate it.  Imagine then the possibilities on the biggest party night of the year, New Year’s Eve!

But where are the best parties?  What are you going to have the time of your life seeing in the New Year in London?

The London New Year’s Eve Fireworks are the obvious choice.  This spectacular London firework display takes place on the banks of the River Thames, making use of barges in the river as well as iconic buildings and landmarks and most spectacularly the London Eye.

London New Years Eve Fireworks

Nowadays however, the best view along the Victoria Embankment is a ticket only affair.  It costs £10 and for that you have access to the closest place to the fireworks and food, drink and toilet facilities, but remember you will be hanging around in the cold for a long time.

There are some free places to view the fireworks from, but you’ll have to get there early and remember that there won’t necessarily be any facilities available when you get there.  Maybe go easy on that champagne!

The best free places to view the fireworks include Cannon Street, Tower Bridge, Parliament Hill, St Paul’s Cathedral, Mansion House and Bank.


Perhaps the best spot in the whole of London (and it’s free) is Primrose Hill.  It offers some of the best views across London and even without the fireworks, it’s worth a visit just to see the city lit up in all its glory.

To enjoy the fireworks, wrap up warm and take a rug or deck chair and a bottle of wine.  If you get cold there’s also a few pubs you can pop into!

If the price has no limit and you want to find the best place to see in the New Year and party the night away then there’re plenty of options for that too.

Quite possibly the best view of all will come from being in Europe’s tallest building, The Shard.  Aqua Shard, the restaurant located on level 31 gives you 270° views of London and is offering tickets for dinner and for a party afterwards.  Dinner can be enjoyed on its own or with accompanying wine and then separate tickets can be purchased for the party and a view of the fireworks.

Aqua Shard London

Similarly, the Sky Bar has its own party going on too.  Situated on the top of Millbank Tower this venue offers perhaps even better views of the midnight display than The Shard.  Included in the ticket is a welcome cocktail, canapés and a glass of champagne at midnight.  There’s even a smoked salmon and caviar breakfast available for those who make it to 5am!

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