London’s Best Pubs: Beat the Winter Chill in These Cozy London Pubs

London may be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, even in winter, but at this time of year there’s no disguising the fact that it’s cold, dark and wet.  It’s fair to say that in wintertime the weather isn’t one of London’s best qualities.

The weather can be a nuisance, but it’s fair to say if it wasn’t cold and wet London certainly wouldn’t have as many fantastic pubs as it does.  There’s nothing like snuggling up next to a roaring open fire in one of London’s countless cosy pubs in wintertime. Whether you live in London or are simply here and staying in short term accommodation, here are some of the best pubs to visit.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese – The City

This is one of London’s oldest pubs, the building itself having stood since 1667.  There has been a pub on this spot, however, since 1558, the building being rebuilt after it was destroyed in the Great Fire of London, along with most of Fleet Street.

ye olde Cheshire

The pub interior makes you think you’re in Dickensian times, with panelled walls, wooden floorboards and low ceilings in front of a grand fireplace.  The sawdust on the floor and the aroma of the place is in itself enough to take you back hundreds of years.

The Jerusalem Tavern – Clerkenwell

On most days of the year the smell and warmth of the fire dominate this small pub.  It may not be a large place but has enough nooks and crannies scattered about the place for you to  find comfort.

This is a pub for beer lovers as it’s the London base of St Peter’s Brewery, a well known British beer maker based in Suffolk.  Examples of their wares are available of draft as well as all manner of bar snacks

The Spaniard’s Inn – Hampstead

This is not only a comfortable cosy pub with an amazing open fire surrounded by comfy seats, it is also rumoured to be one of the most haunted pubs in London.  One of the ghosts said to haunt it is that of the famous highwayman, Dick Turpin.  The reason being is that his father was the landlord throughout most of the 1700s. Oddly enough whilst Turpin is said to haunt the pub his horse, Black Bess, is said to haunt the car park.

The Spaniard

Ghosts aside, this is a charming old pub, boasting not only great beer but also fabulous food too in its dining area.

The Trinity Arms – Brixton

If you’re heading south of the river then The Trinity Arms should definitely be a considered stop off.  The throng of traffic and people on Brixton Road is easily forgotten once you’re sitting in front of the open fire inside.

The Trinity Arms

This is a particularly popular pub in the summer months as it has a large outdoor area, but inside it has a quirky feel, with lots of knick knacks adorning the walls and traditional games to be played at the tables.  If you’re looking for a place to eat as well as drink, then visiting on a Sunday is definitely appealing as their traditional roasts come highly recommended.

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