Moving to London: The Good, the Bad and the British

London’s a big place, one of the world’s oldest and greatest metropolis’. There’s obviously a lot of things to know before moving to London. Here, we'll be breaking down all sides to the great capital.

Before you arrive, it's best to know that London requires a little more understanding than most places. It’s in Britain for a start. Britain and its people do require that little bit more knowledge. Some things aren’t good or bad, they’re just…well…British.

Moving to London

Londoners work hard and long

This is one thing that is definitely more London than British. Surveys have shown that Londoners work up to two hours longer per day than the average person in Britain. Consider how long the average person in Britain works in a week compared to how long the average person in, let’s say, France works, you’ll see just how hard Londoners work.

If they work two hours longer then that takes you up until 7pm. Add on your commute home which will on average be an hour, that takes you to 8pm. Once you’ve prepared and eaten dinner it’ll be 9pm or 10pm, time for bed!

The good news is that Londoners earn very good money in general. The bad news is there isn’t any time to spend it.

Londoners like to talk about the weather

A raincoat and umbrella will no doubt be at the top of your moving to London checklist. You’re no doubt prepared that the general forecast for London can be said to be ‘unpredictable’. In March, for example, you could see thick flurries of snow and minus temperatures one year. The next year at the same time you’ll be basking in mid twenties heat and swanning about in shorts and flip-flops.

However, what you might not be prepared for is how much Londoners like to talk about exactly what the weather is doing. At any given time a significant percentage of the population is talking about the weather, which might seem weird, but there are actually two perfectly simple explanations.

The weather is so crazy it warrants a conversation.

The British, especially Londoners, are very reserved and don’t like to talk about much. The weather is a safe, neutral topic.

Londoners like anonymity

If you want to practice your new talent for taking about the weather to a complete stranger on public transport, think again. Londoners don’t like to talk to strangers. Go further up to the North of England and this is not the case at all. So are Londoners just rude, or maybe shy?

Neither. They’re probably just very busy, living in London is a very hectic lifestyle. If a Londoner is looking down at their phone and ignoring you they’re either still working or they’re desperately trying to get some peace and alone time in a very crowded city!

If you’re desperate to talk to someone on the tube or train, moan about the quality of the service, Londoners enjoy talking about that and unfortunately in most cases the service will actually be that bad!

The best neighbourhoods in London are subjective

The centre of London is generally made up of workers and tourists. Very few people actually live there.

Instead the 10 million people of London have formed into what can best be described as tribes, who come and go in Central London as often as they need to. Each will tell you that where they hail from is the best place to live.

For example, never get involved in an argument between someone from North London and someone from South London if they are discussing which side of the river is best to live on, there are no winners!

If you’re looking for London apartments for rent long term then contact They have accommodation all over London with no claim as to which is best!

Londoners play hard

Regardless of how much time is left after work, Londoners always make room for fun. In a city like London the possibilities are endless too. For the out of towner there is so much culture to soak up. For example, if you went to a different museum in London every week for a year you’d still not be able to scratch the surface.

There are eight million artefacts in the British Museum alone. If you spent ten seconds looking at each one it would take you nearly eight years to see them all. That’s one museum.

The bars, pubs are an obvious first choice for the locals. When trying to plan your nights out just remember that Thursday is the new Friday in London. Just also remember that Friday is still a work day and always will be!

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