MySquare Residences Neighbourhood Spotlight: The Allure of Living in Kensington

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MySquare Residences is happy and proud to open its doors in the prime neighbourhood of Kensington, London for an exclusive preview last week.  This is more than just any structure in Kensington. It offers spaces tailored for those who love the good things in life. This building is geared towards meeting the needs of global travellers during their stay in London

Neighbourhood Spotlight: The Allure of Local Living

Beyond MySquare Residences's elegance lies a neighbourhood brimming with culture, life, and unlimited possibilities. Let us explore these charming streets and discover why living here is an experience like no other.

Lifestyle in the Vicinity

Living in Kensington at MySquare Residences will be a delightful experience for all guests. The neighbourhood offers wonderful experiences at every turn and corner. Here is a closer look at some of the best lifestyle destinations in the locality.

1. Café Culture

The neighbourhood is a café lover’s paradise!

Some of the popular joints here include Over Under Coffee which is located conveniently in Earl’s Court and offers a wide selection of beverages. This charming café also transforms into a lively cocktail bar each evening

Café North Lodge is another quaint café which is near the cemetery and offers mouth-watering pastries and speciality coffee along with a tranquil al-fresco dining zone.

Bonjour Brioche is another one of the numerous cafes dotting this locality, offering an authentic taste of France in your cup and plate alike. Try their melted gruyere sandwich or the melt-in-the-mouth brioche Eggs Benedict and you’ll know what Heaven means!

2. Artistic Escapades

There are several artistic enclaves and experiences nearby for residents in Earls Court, Kensington.

The Design Museum is a fascinating landmark that maps design history and evolution right from inventions like the iPod or telephone to paperclips and more. Exhibitions are running throughout the year along with intriguing immersive displays too.

3. Historical Enclaves

Living in Earls Court, you can keep your date with history by venturing out to visit some of the area’s biggest historical hotspots.

Brompton Cemetery is a lovely oasis to take a stroll. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the whole country and the resting place for several famous personalities including Emmeline Pankhurst and others. It also hosts outdoor movie screenings in the evenings during the summer.

Marvel at the stately Kensington Palace which is a wonderful day trip option in the neighbourhood. A royal residence, it has been home to several monarchs and their families, right from Princess Diana to George I. View the majestic staterooms in addition to the impeccably manicured gardens and the exclusive Jubilee flower display here. 

These are some of the top places that you can visit in Kensington during your stay. The neighbourhood is a melange of delights for those who love history, good food and culture. At the same time, staying in MySquare Residences Kensington will be a wonderful experience with the best amenities at your fingertips.

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Julin Patricia
Julin Patricia

Kensington's allure beautifully unfolds in this captivating spotlight on MySquare Residences. The blend of modern luxury and historical richness in the heart of London is truly enticing. The exploration of the local lifestyle adds a personal touch, emphasizing the vibrant café culture and artistic escapades that define Kensington. PPSSPP GOLD APKThe mention of iconic spots like the Design Museum and historical enclaves like Brompton Cemetery and Kensington Palace paints a vivid picture of the neighborhood's diverse offerings.