New York in the Fall: Things to Do

New York is a diverse and exciting place, and each season tends to give the city a new personality and style. Fall in New York is like nothing else – you can take in the crisp air, admire the golden leaves and drink pumpkin spiced lattes to your heart’s content. New York has plenty of fall-themed activities and sights to enjoy, so if you are planning an extended stay in New York over the autumn months, our list below will help you to plan the perfect trip.

Central Park

central park during the fall

This is a staple New York City activity at any time of year, but during fall, Central Park holds a particular kind of magic. Most of the summer tourists have departed by now, and the slightly quieter park is framed by a plethora of rich, golden trees. Perfect for the budding photographer, Central Park at fall is a true sight to behold. Once you’ve taken in the sights, you can also enjoy a range of autumnal activities – including the beautiful reservoir, the theatre, and the iconic Boathouse Restaurant.

Village Halloween Parade

Village Halloween Parade

Are you visiting New York City around Halloween? You’re in luck! The Village Halloween Parade is a popular tradition amongst New York locals and visitors, and has been running since 1973. The parade is a huge spectacle across the city, with an eclectic mix of costumed individuals making their way along 6th Avenue. If you don’t want to don a costume this time, you can still come along and watch the parade from 7pm, or catch it on television.

One World Trade Center

9-11 Memorial and Museum

Although fall is a time of excitement and festivities in New York City, the autumn months also come with the reminder of the September 11 attacks. Newly rebuilt as part of the World Trade Center Complex, the One World Trade Centre is a global icon. Visit the nearby 9/11 Memorial and Museum for information and exhibitions on the attacks. The exhibition is split into three parts – ‘Before 9/11’, ‘Day of 9/11’ and ‘After 9/11’ – and commemorates the New York City citizens who lost their lives in the attacks.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

Located in the Meatpacking District of New York, the Chelsea Market is a food lover’s paradise, particularly in the fall. The market is packed full of flavours from across the world. Wander the market on an autumnal afternoon and enjoy the fresh seasonal flavours. Nearby, you’ll also find restaurants, bookstores and kitchenware retailers.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Sony Wonder Technology Lab

This is a must-visit for tourists of any age, but it is a particular popular destination for those with children. Packed full of interactive and educational exhibitions, the Sony Wonder Technology Lab provides a hands-on insight into science and digital technology. Adults and children alike will enjoy the sessions, where you can take part in a virtual surgery, create animations and mix music tracks. There is plenty more to see here, and entry is free.

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