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Paris vs Berlin: By The Numbers


Paris and Berlin are two cities which offer a multitude of attractions for both tourists and locals. Whether it’s historical sites, vibrant nightlife, quiet cafes or delicious local cuisine. Even though both cities would be great destinations to move to,the cost of living, an amalgamation of everyday factors, varies. Whether you plan to visit Paris […]


Singapore – A Destination for Foodies


For a country or a city to be a great destination for people that love food, the minimum requirement is for it to have a wide range of top quality restaurants and eateries.  Not just high brow restaurants where you can catch a glimpse of the latest celebrities being entertained by famous chefs, even the […]


The Paris International Film Festival


Tired of all the Christmas, New Year and other festive events? Want to take a break from shopping and the endless eating, drinking and parties?  Looking to go to an event in December that’s spectacular but not even remotely Christmassy?  Providing you are in Paris, you’re in luck! Rated by AMEX as one of the […]