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Discovering NYC in Spring 2019


As you may already know, New York is a city of four very stereotypical seasons. The summer can be hellishly hot, and even though it’s fairly easy to rush from one air-conditioned building to the next, rushing is probably the last thing you’ll be capable of in the stifling heat.  Winter sees biting cold and the not […]

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13 facts about Amsterdam – Infographic


Amsterdam has so much to offer its many travellers. From the biggest cultural attractions to windy canals, the city will keep every traveller entertained. But there are certain things that we bet you don’t know about Amsterdam. With the tallest population, the oldest stock exchange and so many more fascinating snippets, Amsterdam is more than […]

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Amsterdam: What is on in March?

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March is a wonderful time to visit Amsterdam. Winters can often seem quite grim and endless in this part of Europe so the reappearance of the sun in Spring is always a welcome sight!   Outdoor activities breathe new life into the streets of Amsterdam in Spring, café culture is abundant and the number of things […]