business in new york

Top business cities 2018

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Due to the unexpected nature of world events it is always difficult to predict what is going to be the top performing city on the planet in terms of business in the coming year.  If we are looking at past performance however, it’s a little easier to make a list. is a serviced apartments […]

Kowloon Park Hong Kong

Best parks in Hong Kong

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As a city associated with progress, prosperity and business, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Hong Kong has plenty of greenery too.  Long before colonisation, Hong Kong was a vibrant and thriving area of rainforest, the parks that can now be found there are a link to that very different past. Here’s an overview of […]

Royal Arcade Christmas

London Shopping Arcades at Christmas

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If you’ve never experienced a traditional London Shopping Arcade then you’re missing out on an authentic part of London.  These aren’t massive shopping malls and retail outlets, these are elegant, historic arcades which shaped the face of London and indeed worldwide shopping.  These are the first shopping centres. These Piccadilly shopping arcades are wonderful places […]