Paris Asian Art Fair : The Best way to get involved

The Paris Asian Art Fair, also known as Asia Now, is an event to showcase the artistic abilities of artists who originate from Asia or have Asian style and influence displayed in their work.


It gathers together a select group of influential art galleries from the Asian continent, galleries that are well known throughout the art world for the quality of the artwork they display and its links to Asia.  This is an event which is fast becoming a must visit for many art lovers from around the world.

The exhibition takes place within a beautiful private mansion on avenue Hoche, which is normally off limits to the public.  It is split into separate and very distinct galleries and visitors are free to wander from room to room, the overall exhibition keeps the feel of a private home which allows you to see the art from another perspective, away from the more sterilised feel of a gallery or museum.

The artists themselves hail from over ten different countries, from Japan, China, South Korea, as well as other Asian and Western countries.  The aim of the fair is to not only showcase the existing art which has been influenced by the region, it also takes the time to explore its evolution over the years, looks into how it has changed and considers problems and challenges the Asian art world now faces.

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It’s not just established stars in the Asian art world who are on display, Asia Now also ensures that up and coming rising stars also enjoy plenty of exposure.  It is not only the art on display that is of interest.  Appreciators of the Asian art scene will also welcome the many discussions that take place and the fact that it is easy to get involved in them, letting other people know your thoughts on the Asian art scene and how you feel things are evolving.

The main aim that Asia Now has with the Paris Asian Art Fair is to give galleries specialising in Asian art the opportunity to move their art out of their normal setting and allow people to see the displays from a new perspective.  It also gives galleries, artists, institutions and enthusiasts of Asian art a place where they can physically meet and discuss their ideas around a common interest.

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