Paris Summer Sales: Where to go, what to buy and where to stay

Attracting a flood of price-conscious fashion enthusiasts from within Paris and all across the world, the Paris ‘soldes’ – or sales – are some of the largest-scale events in the city. From clothing to accessories and even electronics, everything on offer in Parisian stores is put on sale twice a year, ready to be snapped up by the eager shopper.

Paris Summer Sale

When are the ‘Soldes’?

The Paris sales take place twice every year – once shortly after Christmas, and once in the early weeks of summer. At these points in the year, the shops are poised to clear out items from old seasons and make way for new lines. In 2017, the Paris Summer Sales are due to begin on Wednesday, June 18th and will continue for approximately six weeks, depending on availability.

How can I prepare?

The Paris sales are no joke – and the savvy regulars take their preparation seriously. One top tip is to visit the shops a few days before the sales begin and try on some of your favourite items. This way, you can decide on your favourites without the frenzy or the pressure of the frantic sale environment, and when the discounts are applied you can take the item straight to the till. When the time comes to shop the sales, wear comfortable, light clothing that is easy to take on and off in changing rooms, and bring a handbag that is organised and easy to keep track of.

What is the best time to shop?

As the sales are a hugely popular event with both tourists and locals, it’s no surprise that the shops can become incredibly crowded. Combine big crowds with competitive shoppers and often-disorganised sales racks, and your shopping trip can easily turn into a nightmare. An excellent tip is to try to arrive first thing in the morning, when the stores open. At this time, you may be able to beat some of the crowds – and better yet, the sales racks have probably been reorganised in anticipation of a busy day shopping. Weekday mornings are optimal, and weekend afternoons are best to avoid.

When are the best deals?

This question doesn’t have one simple answer, because it depends entirely on what you’re looking for. Stores tend to slash their prices further and further as the sales season goes on, but availability is also reduced dramatically. If you have your eye on a particular item, it may not be worth the risk of waiting until the sales are ending. If you don’t have a particular item in mind, the middle of the sales season offers an excellent balance of price and availability.

Where should I stay?

paris self catering apartment

Serious shoppers often travel to Paris just for the sales, and those whose travels overlap with sales season may consider staying close by for convenience. At, we offer a number of luxury serviced apartments in Paris, close to the best sales action. Self-catering apartments in Paris can be the perfect way to enjoy a stay in the city, experiencing the best that the sales have to offer – and whatever you save on hotel fees can go straight towards your shopping trip!

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