Places to Visit in London

London is a treat for all visitors with its mélange of cultural and historical attractions. From the imposing Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and London Bridge, to the museums, theatre, shopping and what not! London has always been an incredible potpourri of delights for visitors. For those visiting the UK capital anytime soon, there are plenty of wonderful options if you are seeking a good place to visit in London. Here’s taking a look at some of them.

Attractions worth Visiting in London

London Eye

London Eye

The London Eye is arguably the top place to visit in London. The landmark is perhaps the most famous addition to the city skyline, unveiled in 2000 and designed by Marks Barfield Architects. It is the biggest cantilevered observation wheel globally, going up to a whopping 135 metres. 32 cutting-edge capsules are crafted from glass here. It is also the highest air-conditioned glass observatory in the city, showcasing the surrounding area in a 360-degree panorama that is simply stunning! There are 4D experiences on offer for visitors with special effects along with other innovative experiences. The London Eye also has its bar lounge which is mostly included in the ticket prices.

Half an hour on the London Eye is a great way to see the biggest attractions in a whole different way, right from St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Shard to Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. The ride starts once you step into the massive glass pod and the cinematic 4D experience is magical! Built to commemorate the start of the new millennium, the London Eye was previously called the Millennium Wheel and it can offer views up to 25 miles in all directions if the weather is clear. Every glass pod can hold up to 28 individuals. Rotation on the Ferris wheel takes place at a whopping 26 centimetres for each second. It has already won innumerable awards and was London’s highest viewing point for the public until The Shard’s 72nd-floor observation deck displaced it in 2013.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London offers an exciting glimpse into the Harry Potter movies. A treat for all fans of the movie franchise and books, the tour started in 2012, and has been a massive hit ever since! Visitors can experience a day in the life of their beloved Harry Potter through this exclusive tour, walking through the fantastic sets used in the movie. These include Albus Dumbledore’s office, the Great Hall, Forbidden Forest, and the Ministry of Magic. They can also view props and costumes used in all the movies while learning fascinating facts about the special effects used in them. You will love climbing onto the iconic Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 ¾ while also viewing the cupboard under the stairs. That’s not all; other experiences include flying your broomstick over the city, visiting the Diagon Alley set, and the Potions class with its 950+ jars and novel props.

The Memory Cabinet is a prime attraction along with the office used by Professor Umbridge. Other attractions include the Puking Pastilles Dispenser that goes up to 20 feet, and the costumes for the Yule Ball, Quidditch and the Beauxbatons team that took part in the Tri-wizard tournament. Special creature attractions include life-size Buckbeak versions, goblin heads, and Aragog.

The Shard

As mentioned previously, The Shard now has the highest public viewing point in London. The View is the outdoor and indoor observatory nestled above Western Europe’s tallest structure. It was designed by Renzo Piano, the acclaimed architect, and goes up to a whopping 800 feet. Unveiled in the year 2013, it has swiftly become one of London’s must-visit attractions. Get unbelievable 360-degree views of the city and its skyline. There are no time limits for visitors and views may go up to even 40 miles on clear days! There are guest ambassadors who help visitors get more knowledge about the city and its landmarks.

Visitors will find wonderful vantage points for taking snaps along with enjoying champagne experiences from Europe’s tallest bar by Moet & Chandon. Exclusive screens dot the 69th floor which has a dedicated viewing gallery. You will also fall in love with animated exhibits displaying interesting facts about the city and the building in the lobby. The Graphics is an innovative display of elevators moving within the structure and the trains that move below it, all in real-time. Move upwards through the elevator that will go to level 68 in only 60 seconds! You will marvel at the experience of rising through famous ceilings like the Monument staircase, St. Paul’s Cathedral dome, and others, simulated via mirrors and video displays. Experiencing The Shard after sunset and during the day is both recommended. You can also take a dekko at The View from The Sky Boutique gift shop. Find some of the best and most exclusive souvenirs on offer at London’s tallest shop!

London Bridge & Tombs

Guided tours are sometimes enthralling for visitors who love history and culture. One such tour takes you deeper into the enchanting London Bridge and also the London Tombs. The London Bridge guided tour is fabulous for its live enactment (via actors), special effects, and other attractions. The tour through the Tombs is frightening and strangely thrilling since this is one of the chilling and haunted sites in London. The London Bridge tour will take place within the vaults nestled beneath the London Bridge’s southern chunk, just outside of the dedicated station for the London Bridge. At the same time, the London Tombs are placed within the ruins of what was once a plague pit.

You will love the opportunity to explore the chilling historical narratives of the London Bridge, interacting with various guides along your route. You will begin right from Londinium in Roman times, journeying through multiple periods in time, before concluding at the iconic Star Inn pub that was once on the London Bridge (in the time when Jack the Ripper was feared in the city). You will discover fascinating nuggets of information right from 53 AD (when the London Bridge was constructed) to date.

Encounter the Iceni tribe of Queen Boudica and journey with them for combating the Roman forces. Find haunting tales at the pub with Ben Crouch and Jack the Ripper at their forefront. Interact with The Keeper of the Heads as he strives to preserve the head of William Wallace as it was seen on London Bridge once. Witness medieval London lifestyles while strolling through Thomas Becket’s Chapel and experience the devastating memories of the Great Fire of London. Thereafter, enter into the Vortex and venture into the scariest place in the UK, the London Tombs. Pass by walls that drip with blood, enter into narrow spaces and experience various horrors on your route. The macabre history of the London Tombs comes to life throughout this guided tour.

Face and combat evil figures and spiders along with the maniac butcher with limbs hanging from his hair! Children can take the special Guardian Angel tour that takes them on a route without the horror-raising spectacles. You will also enjoy the opportunity to become a zombie for a single day here. A day spent here will be a memorable one for any tourist!

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is another top place to visit in London. This impeccably designed residence of the Royal family is nestled amidst the famous Kensington Gardens. Constructed back in the 17th century, it is still the official British Royal family’s official residence and houses the present Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. Take a tour into the annals of history and experience British royalty up close and personal! Explore the elegant Queen and King state apartments along with the Staircase (which has its ceiling and walls covered by William Kent frescoes, showcasing an 18th-century court run by George I). The King’s Gallery is just the same as it was in 1725. The wonderful Sunken Garden and other Palace Gardens are the icings on the cake.

Kensington Palace was a humbler Nottingham House earlier although the new rulers William III & Mary II selected this destination for their country jaunts in 1689. Throughout several years, monarchs gradually transformed the property into a stylish and regal house for the royal family of Britain. It is also the birthplace of none other than Queen Victoria. The Kensington Palace is one of London’s most historical landmarks, displaying some of the finest artefacts and paintings within the Royal Collection. Multiple portions of the palace are open for guests to explore, including lavishly designed rooms and common areas.

Queen Mary’s Apartment is a prime attraction with its lovely staircase and gardens, along with a fabulous gallery, silk hangings, Turkish carpets, porcelain and more! There is an impeccably crafted closet and 17th century panelled dining room with a private zone for the couple. The drawing room is decked out with magnificent porcelain artefacts from Japan and India. In the King’s Apartment, you will find the exquisite Cupola Room, the most luxurious one in the entire palace. It houses the famous 18th-century musical clock. The King’s Drawing Room has the equally popular Venus and Cupid painting by Vasari and also the King’s Gallery, which is another major attraction.

You will love venturing into the Sunken Gardens, built back in 1908 and impeccably surrounded by flower beds, fountains and a pond. The garden offers diverse flowers to gaze upon, especially as they bloom in summer and spring. Many exotic plants may also be found here around April to October. The spring sees vibrant pansies, tulips, and even wallflowers while cannas, geraniums and begonias bloom in the summers. The Cradle Walk is a major attraction around the Sunken Garden, being a neatly arched green arbour that you will love. The formal gardens were commissioned by Queen Mary with box hedges and flower beds. Queen Anne in 1702 built the English-styled garden and Queen Caroline started revamping the 242 acre garden into the current marvel that it is, from 1728. She built the boating lake or Serpentine and the Long Water, along with the pond and Broad Walk.

Big Ben & Surrounding Attractions

Big Ben is synonymous with not just the history, but also the very idea of London. This famous landmark is a huge favourite for tourists and residents alike. Big Ben is now called the Elizabeth Tower and goes up to 96 metres with the second-biggest chiming clock (four-faced) in the whole world! The location is highly strategic and just a short distance from Westminster Palace. Big Ben is already undertaking a massive restoration programme although the original structure still amazes visitors.

You can view the Houses of Parliament that are linked to Big Ben, and visitors can always enter the House of Lords or House of Commons. If any of them are in session, visitors may venture into the public galleries as well. Another attraction here is Westminster Abbey that opens only on Sundays for its services. The general public can worship without paying any fee. You can venture inside and view the iconic spot where monarchs have been crowned over centuries. This is also the spot where Kate and William got married. The Westminster Bridge lies nearby and will give you fantastic views of the Strand, Parliament, London Eye, and South Bank.

You can also take a trip to the Churchill War Rooms, the historical underground bunkers that housed Winston Churchill at the time of the Second World War. The Map Room has been left undisturbed ever since 1945, the day when they switched off the lights! It is a must-visit for all tourists. The Household Cavalry Museum is another landmark for visitors in the area. This is the original stable from the 18th century where you can watch the guards working with their steeds. You can also see the 11 AM ceremony, i.e. the Changing of the Queen’s Life Guard, which happens every day on the Horse Guards Parade.

Some other attractions include St. Margaret’s Church from the 16th century that stands out for the medieval design and stained glass. It is nestled right between the Parliament buildings and Westminster Abbey. This three-storied Jewel Tower is right opposite the Houses of Parliament. The 14th-century edifice has an untouched vault dating back to the same period. The highest UK court, the Supreme Court, is also positioned in the previous Middlesex Guildhall, a stone landmark constructed by James S Gibson. Henry Fehr’s decorative sculptures are exquisite, to say the least. Downing Street, especially number 10, is a key attraction in Westminster. However, you cannot enter into the confines of the space. Walk till Whitehall, the famous street in London. This is the hub of the Government in Britain.

SEA LIFE Aquarium

SEA LIFE is a fantastic attraction in London that you should not miss! You will love uniquely experiencing marine life at this attraction that dates back to 1997. One of Europe’s biggest such aquariums, SEA LIFE offer 500+ exquisite marine species. You will be amazed to know that the aquarium contains 2 million gallons of water itself! Find some of the biggest attractions up close including anemones, clownfish, Amazonian species like poison arrow frogs, and African dwarf crocodiles, in tandem with penguins. You can take part in the live feeding of rays and eels while getting more insights into octopuses, sharks and other sea creatures.

You can also opt for the diving and snorkelling session with sharks here. The Amazon rainforest is an exciting exhibit at SEA LIFE, displaying the dangerous and thrilling piranhas! You will love exploring the glass walkway, mimicking a walk above the ocean floor. You will find several other attractions like pipefish turtles, seahorses, various jellyfish, turtles, rays and more. The Shark Walk itself, as mentioned, will be a thrilling adventure, as you encounter nurse sharks, sand tiger sharks and many other types. The Atlantic Coast is where you will find octopuses and sand eels while the Ray Lagoon will give you stingrays to meet within a shallow watery enclave. The Rockpool is where you can learn more about anemones, habitats, starfishes and more. The Open Oceans is ideal for gorgeous views of triggerfish, purple tangs, snappers and a lot more! They will be frolicking around the impeccable replica of a massive Grey Whale’s bones here.

Other attractions include the Ocean Tunnel walk for visitors. This will prove magical as you are virtually flanked by green sea turtles and glitter fish among other fascinating creatures. You can venture deeper into the exhibit of the Ship Wreck, where you will find sharks passing into the Easter Island Heads. This Pacific Ocean experience aside, take out time for the Penguin Point. It is where you can view cute and charming Gentoo penguins as they dip, glide and make merry everywhere! The Rainforest Adventure is packed with crocodiles and other creatures including the tarantula, leafcutter ants and more.

Needless to say, these are certainly some of the best attractions worth visiting during your stay in London Serviced Apartments!

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