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Top 10 Places to Visit in London

London is one of the world’s greatest cities, home to some of its biggest landmarks and tourist attractions including historical monuments, cultural institutions and famous places of interest. Here’s taking a closer look at some of the top places to visit in London. 

Places to visit in London- Unique Choices

  • Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the most famous royal parks in the world, nestled in Central London. The park comes with numerous activities including tennis, horse riding, swimming, boating, walking, jogging, skating and a lot more! The park is known for its beautiful flowers and trees while drawing thousands of people every year. You will find several beautiful buildings, memorials, monuments, statues, fountains and a lovely bird sanctuary inside Hyde Park. The park is also home to diverse varieties of insects and birds while being a favoured destination for wildlife and bird watchers/photographers. Hyde Park hosts several major events every year including concerts, seminars, events, conferences and shows for charity as well. 

The funds are often dedicated for preserving and maintaining Hyde Park. You will also come across the best bars, cafes, stores and restaurants inside the premises that will keep you both hydrated and satiated. The park transforms magically at the time of New Year and Christmas every year. The first memorial for commemorating victims of the Holocaust was built here in the year 1983 and the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall inaugurated one in 2009 for commemorating those who died in the 2005 London bombings. The other memorials include those dedicated to Queen Caroline, Animals in War and the Cavalry memorial. Other famous attractions include the Diana Memorial Fountain which has 545 pieces in total. The Huntress, Dolphin, Boy and Joy of Life fountains are also quite famous here. The bird sanctuary was built for commemorating the writer William Hudson and there are several statues in Hyde Park including the one of Achilles. 

  • Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square lies in the heart of the city amidst Westminster and was built in the year 1840. It is a major draw for tourists while being a symbol of London’s culture and history over the years. The Square is only a short walk away from the most popular monuments of the city along with the London Eye and Buckingham Palace in addition to St. James’s Park. 

You will love the beautiful white fountains here along with the imposing bronze statues of lions and the Nelson Column and its impressive façade. This commemorates the bravery of the British battalion at the Battle of Trafalgar where they defeated both French and Spanish troops. Northumberland Avenue and the National Gallery are both located in close proximity to Trafalgar Square. Make sure you do not miss the Horse Guards Parade and the nearby Covent Garden Market. 

  • William Morris Gallery

Another unique attraction in London, you will love this fascinating gallery which showcases the city’s rich and diverse cultural and artistic traditions. This is the sole public museum in the memory of the celebrated William Morris, the crafts and arts designer of England. 

It is housed in the original family home of William Morris and was revamped extensively in 2012, picking up several laurels in the process. The collections span beautiful rugs, fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, carpets, printed tiles, stained glass and other beauties designed by the genius himself, at times in collaboration with other legends like Ford Madox Brown, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones and Philip Webb. The gardens have also transformed into delightful public zones and are called cumulatively today as Lloyd Park. You will find several attractions here like a skate park, moat, and studio for artists, gallery area and a charming café as well. 

  • Kempton Park Racecourse

The Kempton Park Racecourse is a famous track for horse racing that is located in Surrey, roughly 16 miles westwards from London’s Charing Cross. It is one of the offbeat attractions for tourists near London although horse racing aficionados frequent the place regularly. Some noted events like the 888Sport Handicap Chase, National Hunt racing, Sirenia Stakes and others take place here. The race course is known for its beautiful surroundings, covering more than 210 acres of lush grasslands with two picturesque lakes at the centre. The antiques market takes place two times every month here and is quite popular amongst locals and visitors while there are other seasonal markets and fairs taking place throughout the year. 

  • Wembley Stadium

One of the most famous stadiums in London, the Wembley Stadium is a Mecca of football not just in the country but also throughout the entire world. It hosts several prestigious international and national sporting events including the finals of the FA Cup as well. The stadium is the biggest one in both London and Britain while it is Europe’s second-biggest stadium as well. The stadium possesses roughly 2,618 toilets along with covering a 1 kilometre circumference as well. The stadium hosts several football games along with rugby and American football matches, musical events and boxing competitions. 

  • Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge is the oldest structure in all of London, nestled in the heart of the city, looking onto the pristine River Thames and its glistening waters. The Gothic architectural touches will leave anyone spellbound and this landmark is a must-visit for every tourist in the city. The London Eye and County Hall are positioned on both sides of the monument and contribute towards making it a bustling tourist zone at most times of the year. The daily traffic is smooth here and pedestrians may stroll along the pavements over the bridge, snapping the panoramic views all around. 

The contemporary buildings, cruises and other monuments make the surroundings inspirational to say the least. The bridge covers 250 metres and is painted in green, matching the House of Commons’ leather seats. There are 7 elegant arches that accentuate the sheer artistic elegance of the structure which connects the Lambeth and Westminster boroughs while being only 0.7 miles away from the city centre in London. The Westminster Bridge of today is the second construction attempt. The original 1750 design was provided by Charles Labelye, a noted engineer from Switzerland. Yet, it was again retouched by Thomas Page for being able to accommodate contemporary traffic and inaugurated thereafter on the 24th of May, 1862. The Westminster Bridge is a sheer work of art while providing ample opportunities to take the perfect picture of London in all its splendour. Morning walks along the bridge will be ethereal experiences while the glimmering sunlight adds a whole new sheen to the structure altogether. 

  • Warner Bros Studio

The Warner Bros Studio is a famous movie studio from the U.S. and is headquartered at California. This studio in London covers a whopping 110 acres and has 14 sets along with 17 stages for recordings and 36 sound arenas. You will find ADR stages along with several departments tied to production of movies. Rental facilities are also available. You can also get a timeless glimpse into behind-the-scenes insights of classic movies like Casablanca or famous television shows like Friends. The Warner Bros Studios offers fascinating explorations throughout several costumes, sets and props used in many iconic productions and you will love the soundstages, back stages and other themed restaurants on offer. You can also sit down in the Central Perk Café with a cup of Joe and be awed by the Bat-mobiles shown at the studio. You can also take photographs with DC Universe legends in life-size statue avatars. 

Put on your sorting hat at the special Wizarding World of Harry Potter or simply feast on delights at the Gilmore Girls Holiday here. You can take a closer look at the soundstages and the sets for The Big Bang Theory and even La La Land. Make sure to practice performing your favourite movie scenes while taking your studio tour amidst the endless rush of activities and attractions all around. You should not miss eating at the exclusive Harry Potter cafés including The Backlot Café which serves up enticing desserts and Butterbeer while you can munch on tasty eats at The Chocolate Frog Café along with tempting sweets. Stop at the souvenir store and pick up merchandise related to your favourite televisions shows, movies and characters. From wands and other ornaments to postcards and t-shirts, there is plenty to look out for! 

  • The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is one of London’s most popular tourist landmarks and lies within the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington. It was established back in 1852 and is the biggest museum in the world for decorative and applied arts along with design. The permanent museum collection encompasses a whopping 2.27 million items as well! It spans a gargantuan 12.5 acres in total with 145 galleries that have art objects going back by 5,000 years. The collections also include furniture, ceramics, glass, drawings, jewellery, fashion ware, paintings, prints and musical instruments. 

  • Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of the most famous tourist landmarks in London. It is a buzzing locality in the iconic West End of the city and is known as an iconic vegetable and fruit market of yore. Today, the area houses the elegant Royal Opera House of London and has transformed into a major hub of leisure and recreation alike. The northern end of Covent Garden is home to numerous independent boutiques and stores while the southern end is home to several classic London draws including historical structures, street performances, iconic museums, theatres and the lovely central square. Some of the top spots include Drury Lane, Theatre Royal, Seven Dials and Odhams Walk. 

From the mid-1980s, the wonderful Covent Garden area has housed innumerable craft markets, pubs and several themed stores. The garden’s design was always unique and it has served as ample inspiration for the development of contemporary estates in and near London. You should not miss out on exploring the vintage structures and imposing arcades. You can go dining here or indulge in a spate of shopping at the numerous outlets all around. Go on a walking tour, taking in the Central Building and the Jubilee Hall. You may also visit the biggest Apple Store at the Piazza here. The Covent Garden Market is the ultimate destination for all retail enthusiasts, offering everything from major brands and boutiques to items crafted by traditional artisans and even fascinating toy stores. 

  • The Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal is one of the world’s best theatres and stages extensive productions throughout the year. It opened back in the year 1812 and has maintained its grandeur ever since. The London Transport Museum showcases the robust public transportation network of the city in the area. It has the vehicles from the London Electric Railway along with the noted Omnibus. You will love a visit to this interesting landmark. The Theatre Royal also has several musical concerts that are a big draw for tourists throughout the year. The British Cinema is another magnificent attraction along with the London Film Museum. These are two of the finest attractions in this entire stretch. Now that you have a list of the most exciting attractions to visit in London, make sure that you plan your trip with care. Book your serviced apartments in London well in advance while planning your travel itinerary. Make sure that you book flights and other transportation in a timely manner while packing all the essentials you need for the trip. Here’s to a memorable stay in London!


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