Relocation – Part III: New York, New York, It’s a Wonderful Town!

Frank Sinatra may have thought New York was a wonderful town, though if you are relocating to the ‘Big Apple’ you have to overcome some big hurdles before you can settle down to life on the East Coast and realise New York’s wonderfulness! Here are some pointers to get you started.

Getting there

Firstly, getting the right visa is critical and fairly straightforward once you know which type of visa you need. This first hurdle could mean the end of your relocation prospects if you get it wrong. To find out all you need to know about visas for entry into the US visit official site.

A place to live

We don’t need to mention it again but in New York a serviced apartment in the short term is almost a necessity as the housing market can be cut-throat in NY. Opting for a serviced apartment base while you look for a more permanent residence will certainly alleviate the stress of house hunting in the Big Apple! As in most cities around the world New York has a buoyant serviced apartment industry and there are numerous serviced apartments within each of the five boroughs of New York City. Here at MoLi we have a great selection and have many years experience of which are the best so do call.

Once you have found your perfect pad you will have to pay a security deposit as well as a first and last month’s rent as security for most places.

Sorting out your finances

In order to open a bank account, you will usually need a driver's licence as well as a social security card and proof of address, such as a utilities bill. However, as a non-citizen or non-resident you may be able to open a bank account with a valid passport although many US banks won’t allow non-residents to open an account online; you will have to physically visit the bank you wish to open an account with.

Staying healthy

New York offers some of the best hospitals and health care centres in the world but, unlike the NHS in the UK for example, free quality medical care is by no means guaranteed. Under federal law hospitals are required to treat patients in an emergency situation, regardless of their ability to pay. Outside of emergencies this ruling does not apply and most people rely on private health insurance to cover any medical bills. For regular check-up, prescriptions and common ailments people visit a primary care physician who will work from a privately run outpatient treatment centre. Your health insurance provider will supply you with a list of doctors whose fees they will subsidise. Pharmacies can be found in most grocery stores for picking up prescriptions.

Enrolling your children in school

The education system in the United States is good and free public education is available to legal residents between the ages of 5 and 21. If you are moving to New York with school-age children, you will need to supply your child's school with immunisation records, proof of your child's age, and proof of legal residency. New York also offers a wide range of private schools should you wish to pay for your children’s education and is home to a selection of top universities and colleges including NYU, Columbia and the Julliard School.


If you are relocating with your pets visit official site for everything you need to know about what is required for a successful pet relocation.


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