Saving on Calling Costs When on Foreign Shores

Without a doubt, the present age mobile network has made tremendous headway into establishing worldwide connectivity, thereby raising the expectations of your family friends, clients and colleagues to be available on phone 24 X 7 wherever you may be. The dynamic International business traveller may find the rates of International mobile calls and data use staggering but he certainly cannot afford to remain out of the ambit of his network for too long.

Being aware of the rates of your service provider for their local or international services, helps you use the most economical method of communication. How your phone carrier meters your calls, sending and receiving text, International roaming, sending audio and video content and Web access allows you choose the most cost effective options. Save yourself the trouble of buying a new local number when travelling to another country to reduce local and home calling costs. Get tech-savvy and adopt the Internet, the cheapest form of communication. With so many new smart phones and apps in the market, accessing the Web 'on the go' is easier than it sounds.

Most smart-phones support Wi-Fi, which is much cheaper than mobile networks. So it makes perfect business sense to connect to a local Wi-Fi hotspot and exploit the many Voice-over-IP options. With almost all serviced apartments providing complimentary Internet access (Wi-Fi), you can easily plug-in various devices in the comfort of your home-away-from-home as well.
Many players have jumped onto this latest bandwagon and created applications to provide VoIP services in the most user-friendly manner. Skype was among the first to introduce free computer-to-computer voice and video calls between any two locations in the world requiring just an Internet connection. You can also make unlimited calls from your computer to mobiles and landline phones anywhere in the world using Skype at charges as low as €9.99/month. Choose a monthly Skype subscription depending on your requirement and further cut down on your calling / SMS costs.

In US, Canada and UK, Vonage is another option where your calls are routed via the Internet instead of expensive phone lines with the advantage of being able to call from your regular cordless phone instead of opening your computer.

With the ever-extending tentacles of Google entering the mobile network, Android VoIP is the new name of the game. Android mobile phones can download SIP clients like SipDroid, Acrobits, Bria and Skype2.1 for Android from the Android Market, which will then route your calls through Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection allowing you to make free crystal-clear phone calls to other VoIP users or very cheap phone calls to anyone else in the world.

Making fewer calls is no longer an option for reducing costs but making smart choices will definitely help you increase your profits, as every penny saved is a penny earned.

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