Singapore Food Festival 2018 – All You Need to Know

As far as culinary events go this has always been considered a big one, and not just in Singapore but across Asia and the world. The Singapore Food Festival 2018, in its twenty-fifth year, will be no exception.

This is a festival that successfully mixes local food and its culture with some of the best chefs and culinary experiences to be found in Singapore and across the world. However advanced your palate you will be guaranteed to find something to thrill you.

Singapore Food Festival

It’s not just about eating great food though. There are a huge number of other culinary experiences to enjoy. There’s food inspired artwork to consume too, as well as workshops and demonstrations in all sorts of cuisine, from Mod-sin right back to more traditional local flavours.

Singapore Food Festival 2018 Dates

The festival takes place all over the city and runs from 13 July until 29 July.

Here are one of the most popular and largest free events in Singapore.


The festival starts on 13 July with its signature Treat event. This is a large food market which offers samples from some of the best restaurants in the city. These include Michelin-starred chefs such as Emmanuel Stroobant and Haikal Johari. This event runs right through until 10:30pm on 14 July.


Told you there was something for everyone! If Michelin-starred chefs don’t offer your preferred food wares then perhaps every kid’s favourite ‘restaurant’ will? McDonald’s gets into the spirit of the great Singapore Food Festival too by offering a menu with a feast of local Singaporean flavours. Last year it was the very popular Nasi Lemak Burger. This year we await their menu announcement with much excitement.

Curry Day

Just one day to showcase what is probably the world’s most favourite cuisine?! No, Curry Day is actually set over two days and nights on 27 and 28 July. Curry Day is presented by Old Chang Lee who celebrate this cuisine by mixing a range of spices loved by Singaporeans and producing a full menu of curry.

Look out for family friendly events including spice art for little curry lovers. There will also be curry cooking classes.

Changi Airport

You can’t escape the festival, it grabs you as soon as you arrive with events taking place at Changi Airport throughout the course of the celebrations.

DFS will not only be serving up great food, it will be demonstrating exactly what alcohol pairings match perfectly. Other Changi food outlets will be celebrating with themed menus and food themed giveaways.

Food and Dance

We mentioned that the festival also included food themed art, we didn’t just mean paintings of pretty food, obviously.

A Samsui Love Story is literally a feast for all of the senses as an interactive dining experience is offered, made up of contemporary dance displays and a five course meal. As you would expect this is a collaboration between a great chef and a great choreographer, the former is Nixon Low, the latter is Naomi Tan.

Food Films

It may be hard to think of food themed films but there have actually been some classics (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory anyone?).

The Screening Room serves up great cuisine in front of great movies with a connection to food. Still can’t think of any? How about Chocolat and Le Grand Chef?

50 Cents Fest

For those who like their local cuisine to be traditional too. The 50 cents Fest offers this with prices that are spectacularly low. If you want to get seriously full on just a few dollars, then Chinatown Food Street is the place to go on 28 and 29 July.

Food such as Fish Moilee and Kerabu Bee Hoon is on offer, served up in exactly the same style as it would have been in the colonial era of the 1930s.

Balik Kampong Heritage Dinner

Singaporean cuisine has a wide range of influences from across Asia and the world. On the 25 and 26 July there is nowhere better to celebrate this than the Balik Kampong Heritage Dinner which showcases Singapore cuisine’s influence from Chinese, Eurasian and Peranakan. Get taken on a food journey with recipes that have been around for generations, whilst enjoying traditional local cocktails.

Sentosa Grillfest

Some of the best modern Singaporean cuisine is coming by way of its infamous street hawkers and there’s no better place to celebrate this than at Sentosa Grillfest. Beachfront dining with a choice of over 30 kiosks, what’s not to like?

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