Singapore Grand Prix 2018 – All the Info

It’s the nearing that time of the year in Singapore when the Grand Prix races through, bringing with it all the excitement and drama that its fans love.

Fans all over the world will be crowding into the huge Marina Bay Circuit to take in all the speed and tension that the event has consistently delivered. From close races to shocking collisions and unexpected results, the Singapore Grand Prix delivers all the bravado you require for any kind of stay in Singapore.

Singapore Grand Prix 2018

What is the Singapore Grand Prix?
The circuit opened in 1961 and became the first circuit in Asia. The event was originally discontinued in 1973, for a variety of reasons. However, in 2008 it became part of the Formula One mix and has been happening every year since.

The race itself takes place under artificial lights and begins at midday GMT. This regulates the tropical temperatures for the drivers who are obviously not used to such heat. The cockpits themselves can still reach 60 degrees. On top of that, the light is substantially reduced, leaving drivers to battle the heat as well as darkness. This makes the Singapore Grand Prix one of the toughest races for professional F1 drivers.

Full of action and some of the most tense and professional driving you will ever watch, this is a sport event that no sports fan should be missing out on.

When does the Singapore Grand Prix start?
The event starts on the 7th September and finishes on the 16th (it is worth noting that the main event itself starts on the 14th). With Lewis Hamilton winning the event last year, who knows, maybe someone else will be crowned the winner this year.

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